Sunday, December 19, 2010

Singer Usher

It's being reported that the singer-turned actor Usher recently dished out $250,000 for a custom watch bearing his image. Reports state that, " The 'Raymond v. Raymond' creator called on New York based jeweler and watch designer Tiret to craft the elaborate piece, which is decorated with 10 carats of diamonds and has over 1106 stones used in its design. A mix of both white and yellow diamonds, the timepiece was recently featured in a diamond exhibit at the Natural History Museum in London". ---Maybe some lucky female will receive this as a holiday gift -- you never know.


  1. $250,000 sheesh for a watch!! Wait not just a watch but it has Usher's bling image inside. I'll pass. I personally would not make a watch with my picture in it no thanks. Just because you have money does not mean you have to buy stupid mess like this. I wonder if Usher going send Tameka this wonderful watch LOL!!!

  2. Usher don't want you to check to see what time it is. Instead, he want you to stare at his image all day long and the diamonds of course.

    They had the nerve to put this on display at the Natural History Museum in London. Is this the same place when Michael Jackson had his 'glove' on display? Usher need to stop trying to be different (or just like Michael Jackson). Stay in your lane Usher!