Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Retrospectively Speaking

“A personification of the fine qualities which can be found in a young American girl,” lilts a charm-school voice, but where are the girls inside these living Barbie dolls with the Styrofoam smiles? Behind every Miss is there really a miss? And what is behind that smile? Contrary to the propaganda, I suspect that Miss America girls do not have everything. On TV they appear to lack lower teeth, which could account for the dentally arresting composition of gums and uppers known everywhere as the Miss America Smile.” ---Shana Alexander writes in a article entitled, “Hooray! Getting Back To Normal” in the 1968 September issue of LIFE Magazine.

Barbie 1968

Barbie 1965
Barbie 1969

Barbie 1970


  1. lol

    Okay nicki minaj has jumped the coo-coo nest. Almost off of her pictures shows her giving up a lips forward - not really a smile - look that the Barbie wearing Pink and yellow is displaying (side pony tail). She has Amber Rose, Cassie and other idiots doing the same thing in pictures. lol

    Birds of a feather flock together damn Phoenix-es! Evil B*tches!

  2. Lips forward: http://cdn.buzznet.com/media/jj1/2010/12/minaj-birthday/nicki-minaj-birthday-party-amber-rose-01.jpg

  3. lol @ the wig sitting under the hair dryer.

  4. Barbie is the Big Mama of the fashion doll field. When Ruth Handler, now president of Mattel, came up with the Barbie concept in the late fifties, she revealed a social instinct as brilliant as Hugh Hefner’s. Ignoring the buyers, who tended to shy away from Barbie’s boobs, she went straight to the little girls via network TV, of course it worked, because with Barbie Ruther Handler had her finger on the throbbing pulse of fifties American. Passed of as a “teen fashion model,” Barbie was actually the sexual object par excellence, the feminine mystique enthroned, a queen among consumers in an era when teens were being taught to spend their way to happiness. Barbie, remember, came out of a time when a motivational researcher in Westchester could casually tell betty friedan that “American housewives…properly manipulated…can be given the sense of identity, purpose, creativity, the self-realization, and even the sexual joy they lack—by the buying of things.”

    New York Magazine December 13, 1971

  5. Barbie Dolls
    1993 Nikki
    1999 Whitney
    1998 Sidney

  6. http://www.kaboodle.com/reviews/barbie-top-model-nikki

  7. Don't get it twisted, Nicki Minaj isn't the first person to use BARBIE as a persona on stage. Goggle the singer BARBIE.

    In 1997, the Danish group Aqua had a hit with their song “Barbie Girl,” in which a singer impersonating Barbie in a high-pitched, doll-like voice chanted, “Life in plastic, it's fantastic.”

  8. Look up Barbie Hartsman!