Sunday, December 5, 2010

Rapper Nicki Minaj

"Honestly, sometimes I get tired of some of the songs because they have been with me for so long but overall I never imagined that it would be something that I would cherish so much and be so proud of. Obviously, I’ve done mix tapes before but having the album out feels like I am finally a real artist, like I have the stamp of approval as an artist from myself". --- The Rapper Nicki Minaj reveals to Horacio Silva of the New York Times Magazine after being asked if she was happy with her first CD.

Here's what the rapper had to say when asked about her public spat with rapper Lil Kim:

That brings up an interesting point because I would be pretty remiss not to mention your spat with Lil’ Kim. When she badmouths you and others doesn’t that just make it even harder for female rappers?

It does, it does. But the thing that I want to promote is that if you see someone doing their thing, give them their props. We all have it hard and face the same challenges as female emcees. Show some mutual love and respect for each other so that it doesn’t get nasty. And she can be a nasty character.

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  1. So maybe she wrote these songs like ten years ago and she's tired of singing them already. Why didn't she drop them and replace with updated tracks?

    Some celebrities are so stupid. She's tired of singing her songs already??

  2. How many personalities or alter egos does she have?

    "Minaj has affected alter egos from Harajuku Barbie to Monica Lewinsky and her latest incarnation, Roman Zolanski."


  3. Nicki Manji cousin Ronald Patterson as in PatPat wrote these songs for her before he was murdered. He was murdered over 10 years ago. She now relies on his daughter to help her get through her songs.

    Nicki's cousin Ronald was more like her bestfriend and he always had a problem with her bestboyfriend S.B. who murdered Ronald because he was jealous of her relationship with her cousin. S.B. is a dangerous man.

  4. Nicki you know what S.B. did to Ronald after he was shot dead? He performed his infamous ritual on him, so now you feel like S.B. is really Ronald. Remember, i was at Ronald's house when you can over. You wanted to take his daughter to trinidad. S.B. murdered Ronald.

  5. BTW, play the Lauren Hill's CD 'The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill' backwards and you will have the melodies for PINK Friday.

    **Hint, her favorite cousin would listen to CD's backwards, it was the way he listened to his music.

    The Melodies Bun