Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rapper Jay-Z

"The more successful you are, you will ultimately get brought out by larger white-owned companies. And that has historically always been the case. The wealthiest black capitalists in the United States would be Robert and Shelia Johnson [founders of BET], but they don't even own their own company anymore. They got bought out. Even for them, their strategy has resulted in a loss of black ownership. And that is the irony of it." --- Manning Marable, a professor of African-American studies at Columbia University reveals in a article entitled, 'He Shall Overcome: Jay-Z Is $450 M Beyond the Marcy Projects. Where Does He Go From Here?' published yesterday in the Observer.

It seems as if Jay-Z's Bricks (as in cocaine sales), Billboards (his albums and clothing line e.t.c), Grams (Crack sales) and Grammy award winning status will soon become owned by a larger white-owned company as representatives from these companies encourage him to buy into black owned businesses, in return, these representatives are turning the rapper turned Mogul and his wife Beyonce Knowles into the next black capitalists.


  1. Hmm

    How can i say this politely???

    There are many people eager to become apart of Roca-fella oopps i meant to type Roc Nation. The name change wasn't publicized as much..sigh.

    Jay-Z is buying into black owned companies (Carol's daughter products etc) and these companies will eventually become owned by the white companies whose supporting Jay-Z in the business endeavors this process is called "The Black Pot"!

    The Black Pot! Jay-Z is placing these black owned companies in a black pot and the white companies (or investors) are controlling the fire underneath.

  2. You see NAS ripped Jay-Z apart in the song ether and according to this article, Jay-Z paid him back to taking away his management team, now look at NAS career.

    The same people who use to work for NAS are now working for Jay-Z and now this also explains the reason why Jay-Z was able to release his book before NAS.