Monday, December 27, 2010

Rapper Jay-Z and Singer Beyonce

After officially ending their month-long vacation in Australia, Beyonce and Jay-Z hopped on a private jet from Perth to Sydney Wednesday (Dec 22) before boarding a commercial flight to New York City. Two days after Christmas, the duo has been spotted in Jamaica (Monday, December 27th) w/ sister Solange Knowles and Queen Latifah.

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  1. He picked up some expensive handbags from Hermes then snuck off to Jamaica and from Jamaica, they are headed to Vegas where Jay-Z will be paid $1 million dollars to perform with Coldplay on New Year's Eve.

  2. You're correct. Solange tweeted this:

    My son,my fam,my man,my friends. Jamaica. Happy.
    about 20 hours ago via Twitter for iPad

    .Merry Christmas from Jamaica...
    9:13 AM Dec 25th via web

  3. And we all know who's in the Carribbean, his SON! So, I believe this confirms that Yodel does in fact know about and accept the boy. THat's what's up.