Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Jennifer Lopez

"As a multi-platinum selling recording artist, Golden Globe nominated actress, film and television producer, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Jennifer's talent and accomplishments span across many industries. Coupled with her obvious beauty and her role as a working mother, she is a modern role model for women and truly embodies the spirit of the L'Oreal Paris philosophy,'Because You're Worth It." --- President of L'Oreal Paris Karen T. Fondu reveals to the public as Jennifer Lopez becomes their global ambassador (new Spokesperson).


  1. Move over Beyonce, J-Lo will be rocking her natural hair (no wigs) on these new commericals for L'Oreal.


  2. They dump Beyonce thank Jlo is bad!!

  3. *clapping*

    Jlo's approach to fashion and her career is much better than stale @ss beyonce who always steal other people ideas (she stole from Jlo many times).

    Thank you L'Oreal!!

    Finally found a 'real' face!

  4. LOL, Jlo's Old Azz?? I mean she still looks good but she so irrelevant, she played out now & needs to just Retire cause she has next to nothing to offer...

    Didnt Bey already Steal all of J'los Deals several years ago when she was actually relevant??

    L'Oreal will Learn when they see their sells of 7 Yrs drastically deteriorate.

  5. @ 2:34 PM AnonyHoe

    I disagree. Bey's Career Shits all over J.lo's Long yet Sorry career. Record sells, #1s, Hits, Awards, Tours, Movies, Fashion, Multi million dollar Deals. Bey even has the better Film Career, her movies are better & shes grossed probably more than J.NO.

    Bey is a better all around entertainer, Can Sing past, dance Next, & act near J.KO's LVL.

  6. Jennifer Lopez actually revamp her career after she married Marc Anthony.

    C'Mon now, Marc and Jlo's fanbase speaks the same language and both are devoted to their country and value their contribution towards the LIFE.

    Jlo can wear her real hair and no make-up on those L'Oreal commericals.

    Beyonce NEED make-up and WIGS!

    JLo is about to SHUT IT DOWN and BEYONCE who?

  7. Beyonce can sing better Jlo - but - wait - Jlo has two children that WILL sing better than Jlo and Marc Anthony!

    Marc Anthony sings better than Beyonce - oopps - meant to type Jay-Z.

    C'mon now...Jlo and Marc or Beyonce and the beast?


  8. thank god they got rid ob beyonce (BeyDumbAss)

  9. Don't think they got rid of Beyonce, but kinda curious to know how Beyonce feel sharing the spotlight with Jennifer Lopez.

    She did copy Jennifer Lopez a lot as her career took off.

  10. ^^^ That's because she wants to be Jlo or a close copy.

  11. Most commenters are not accurate.

    J-lo is to monetize the Latino market.

    Beyonce is to monetize the Black market.

    Different audiences. Different lanes. Having both women = epic win in marketing.

  12. J-Lo dominated all markets prior to her marriage to Marc Anthony. After she married Marc, she dominated the Latino Market.

    Jlo laid out Beyonce's career path. Beyonce has won awards in the pop and R&B category.

    They share the same audience and beyonce jumped in Jlo's lane but jlo was 300 miles ahead of Beyonce so it didn't matter.

    Beyonce will market fair hair in these ads and Jlo will market her natural beauty (to include her own hair).

  13. Beyonce 'markets' fake hair. She should have her own brand of hair extensions by now.

    I didn't know L'Oreal sold fake hair.