Wednesday, November 3, 2010


"We took a studio bus on tour and, after every show, we'd sit in an empty car park until 5am and record ... Some of the car parks reeked of piss. One I'll remember until the day I die. It smelt like truckers had been peeing there for ever. I had to run between buses holding my breath." — The Singer reveals what studio hours were like when she recorded her last album Rated R.

To include, the singer has graced the December 2010 issue of Marie Claire Magazine. To Browse through her spread, click on the images below:


  1. This lil slut iz gonna milk this shit like Bey milkin Jay-z

  2. Yeah, sick and tired of Rihanna talking about Chris Brown. It's time that she let it go. Bet her new boyfriend is tired of reading about it in every interview.

    Okay, yes, it happened. Your forgive him, he forgave you. Everyone has forgiven Chris, you moved on. You have a new man. Move on! Talk about something else. This is played out and next time, put on some winter clothes for a issue to be released in December.