Friday, November 5, 2010

Raz B

The web is at a buzz regarding Marques Houston filing a restraining order against Raz B. Well, the restraining order was filed shortly after Raz B gave a damaging interview with Vibe Magazine.


VIBE: Vibe's far from the first interview you've done this month. Do you feel like your life is being threatened?

Raz B: There’s pressure coming, but I have a lot of protection and when you work for God you have nothing to worry about. People ask why are you coming out now but this has been going on for a very long, Chris has been molesting boys for a while.

How many boys total do you think it's been?

A lot of people share their stories with me. And it's all crazy. Chris used to have me have sex with him and he used to suck my penis. This stuff is satanic, but I thank God for my testimony so I can help someone else.

How long was this going on for?

Between the ages of 13 and 17.

Were you threatened with anything if you refused to have sex with him?

He would text me and say well you know what I did. The confusion is Chris did molest me but they thought he was putting his penis in my bootyhole. But that was Marques Houston. I'm very vocal [now]. I'm not afraid of anything.

Were there any condoms involved?

Um, maybe once it was unprotected. I believe so.

But did you ever adamantly say 'No'?

Finally when I was able to realize these niggas were really gay I was able to leave.

You didn't realize you were taking part in homosexual acts before 17?

Well I didn’t know what the fuck was going on. I was a young kid and these people took advantage of me.

Since this went on for so long, I imagine you may questioned your sexuality? After awhile…

I knew I always liked women and I’ll forever like women. I've never had any male on male relationships. Besides from my past, I’ve never been with a man.

You didn't question yourself in the slightest? Did you not want to even think about the possibility?

As I got older as I got enlightened. Before I lived w Chris I was speaking in tongues. When you got all this money around you're very blinded. As you get older things start to change. But Chris Stokes is a monster and I feel sorry for Marques Houston.

Have you heard if Marques still having sex with young men or boys?

I’ve heard stories that he's had sex with very well known [male] dancers in the game.

So he's a gay man with a problem...

I don’t know Marques like that to say. But any person trying to mess with kids and have sex like that… that’s gay to me homie.

Damn. What kind of psychological damage has your past done to you?

It's done a lot. I'm traumatized. I had to sit back and think. I have a five-year-old son now, so what is my son gonna think when he grows up? He's gonna know that his father spoke the truth. I have no shame in my game, God's going to handle it.

Why not just take Chris Stokes and Marques Houston to court?

That’s a demonic system.

Do you ever get scared that you could follow in the pattern of Chris Stokes and do this to another boy?

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