Saturday, November 20, 2010

Rapper Jay-Z

It wasn’t difficult — it was one conversation [to sell crack]...I made and lost a lot of money. Even a corner hustler had a dream: that he could make it out of an environment of hopelessness.” - Rapper Jay-Z tells Charlie Rose during a scheduled interview at the Brooklyn Museum on Friday, November 19th.

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  1. Naturally, Rose had to ask if he had ever used the drug that he pushed for the better part of his youth.

    “No. Crack cocaine — no,” said Jay-Z. “Come on man, that’s hardcore. Maybe a little weed. A Ballantine. Or a Guinness Stout.”


    Umm funny that he would mention two liquids (a larger and a beer) as some sort of hardcore drug. He's a yankie fan too and they only sell Ballantine at the Yankie's Stadium. Wow, didn't know that a Ballantine was some sort of drug. Thanks for sharing this with the public Gay-Z.

  2. Some how Beyonce always manages to look in the camera. Beyonce is such a phony witch.

  3. This couple gets on my damn nerve. Why must they be every damn where. I wish Gay Z would stop trying to act like he is this so called gangster from the projects and in the same breath he only businesses with rich old white people. He's such a freaking phoney.

  4. He shaves his legs. Jay-Z shaved his legs. That's so unmanly for a so-caled thug (from brooklyn)!

  5. gay-z needs to tell the truth about how he made it. the truth of the matter is for nearyly 30yrs in the music indusrty only in the last 15-20yrs he has made a name for himself. her started rapping eons ago when ll cool j was first out but his career never took off. gay-z never sold drugs he managed a kfc in either in queens or brooklyn. he became a freemason and did sexual favors to get tracks,promo's etc. this combine with serious subliminal messagaing in his so-called 'music' has gotten this 50yrs to this point. the real story is beyonce's uneducated crackhead father and how he smoked-up the family money and continues to smoke up-bey's money til this day, beyonce is a underprivallage crackbaby/teenage mom/highschool drop-out, prentending to be more than what she is!