Monday, November 15, 2010

Lawrence Washington

"I started singing professionally when I was twelve years old. At fifteen, I did my first small tour over in Europe with a group called Youth for Christ. I've also done a lot of musical theatre. I sang with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and I've also done some Broadway...Kandi decided she wanted to work with an openly gay artist and I was the product of choice. She came up with this brilliant concept to do a song about people being in the closet or people wanting someone to be in the closet. Be it a woman messing around with a married man or a gay man messing around with a man on the DL. The song is saying that I'm not your closet freak. I'm not someone you can keep in the dark when the lights are up but when the lights go off, you want to love me and give me affection. That's what the song is about and that's what I'm all about." - Lawrence Washington tells following the recent Real Housewives Of Atlanta episode which showcased his latest talent; vocal abilities.

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