Friday, November 19, 2010

LaTavia Roberson

"It took us four years to get our record deal. Even after that, it took two and a half years to record 33 songs to get the 12 that are on our album." - LaTavia Roberson shared with The Nation Newspaper in 1998, during the development phase of the group Destiny's Child.

The Nation Newspaper
July 16, 1998


  1. LaBarbera-Whites signed Destiny's child to Columbia in 1997.

    Beyonce always speak on taking one week to create an entire CD.

    Beyonce will never reunite with Destiny's Child. She need those extra songs that they created (even the test tracks) to keep her solo career relevant. She recently admitted on screen that she borrows from other artist, so what makes the members from Destiny Child any different?

    LaTavia stay away from the bottle, Jay-Z’s father died after his mother turned him into a alcoholic. Bet she has nightmares too, girl put that bottle down and focus on you and your health (always wear a condom when having sex because Jay-Z is infected). Maybe GOD pushed you out of this group for a reason. Beyonce sold her soul to a bunch of demons. You don’t need that in your life.

  2. ^^^I agree. And watch, before its all said and done, one of these former members will get a backbone and tell the truth about the Disgusting Know-less Klan. It will be bigger than the tell-all that Florence from the Supremes did on Lady Di.

  3. P.S. OT, but, why were they all about the same complexion back then and now... well...

  4. When they use to be Christians.

  5. Before their was a Destiny Child, it was LaTavia and Beyonce kicking it. Then the mother girls joined the group. Beyonce got what she wanted and kicked them all out of the group.

    Allow LaTavia to tell her story. Beyonce and her family has done A LOT to keep the REAL members of the group off screen and out of the picture.

    Mod - Do you have more articles to share? I'm feelings these old articles because the real truth is spoken in the lines!

    Together they came up with some great songs over 33 songs. Beyonce kept some of those great ideas for her solo project.

  6. ^^^ I think she did too. Because I don't know if you recall years back her saying she doesn't use backup singers on her solo tracks, but this would explain why! She takes their vocals out after re-recording them. Ratty Matty made sure none of them got song-writing credits on those original albums.

  7. If i was LaTavia, i would vent too! She wasn't the only one who lost their job. Her family members were fired too and replaced with Beyonce's family members.

    Mod, speak on Matthew and Tina not showing up at their divorce hearing. Did it have anything to do with Tina Louise Knowles?

  8. i stil believe matthew the lying crackhead kicked those gils out and not beyonce. the know-less clan are lairs and will do anything for a qucil buck, i agree will one of these girls write a tell all! i know its coming because the illuminati is broke and kicking pls out. thats what happened with eddie long. they dont need you anymore secrets are revealed.