Friday, November 26, 2010


"I have an employment opportunity for Mr. Jones (Emory Jones) to fill a recently vacated executive assistant position…Mr. Jones would provide high level administrative support including, but not limited to conducting research, handling information requests, preparing correspondence and scheduling meetings. The starting salary for this position of $50,000…" - The Chief Executive Officer Shawn Carter of Roc Apparel Group, LLC writes in a letter to The Honorable Chief Justice Legg in support of his cousin Emory Jones release from Prison.

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  1. Wow really Jay I guess they have to stick together.

  2. Now ya'll know that he doesn't pay his cousin $50,000 a year to work as a Administrative Assistant (maybe on paper but underground, he was probably paid 2 million upfront).

  3. Jay-Z will never talk about how many times he was shot during a drop. Dude was shot in the leg, its the real reason why he doesn't wear slim jeans.

    His real life has been played out on screen. He wrote many books and too many scripts about the drug game.

    Did anyone see Benny Boom's movie "Next Air Day"? This movie expose the drug scene that went down with Jay-Z got shot and Emory Jones was arrested. Jay-Z sold the truth to Hollywood and they turned it into a movie.

  4. "I believe his attributes - including intelligence, interpersonal skills and solid work ethic - will be a significant asset for my organization... he is an honest and reliable individual; it would be a privilege to offer him an opportunity."

    He use to push heavy drugs in the streets of New York. His interpersonal skills and his work ethic? He was a high school drop out. In jail or within the drug game when he was on the streets?