Thursday, November 18, 2010

Eva Longoria

Eva has confirmed via twitter that she's divorcing her husband (Tony Parker) of seven years. The actress discovered steamy text messages from the wife of one of his San Antonio Spurs teammates.

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  1. NBA/NFL Wives = Sex Club (Swingers)

    Erin Barry and Tony Parker’s cheating scandal has become quite the headache for the San Antonio Spurs. Tony Parker was caught sending over 100 racy text messages to Erin Barry, who just happens to be the wife of his former Spurs teammate, Brent Barry. Eva Longoria has filed for divorce after discovering the Tony Parker Erin Barry affair.

  2. A gold-digging attention whore and a b-ball player divorce?! WHAT?! Sit down Eva; Tony has been this way from the jump. And she was just in it for some publicity. She thought this relationship would bring her some new film roles, but what she lacks is genuine talent. SMH.

  3. Dag.

    Eva is the new Carmen Electra slash Paula Abdul (without big boobs).

    Former baskball cheerleaders who dated ball players, married one and now divorcing one.

    All those dagon tattoos why for?