Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tina Knowles

"...I'm's not true, not right now. I'm looking forward to it. With all the rumors, by now I should have five or six grandchildren." Quoting: Tina Knowles

Beyonce and her camp are famous for leaking their own rumors. The goal here is to leak to a well known Magazine and then push a direct family member to reveal that the "printed" stories are false.

A few weeks later, the singer Beyonce and her husband sues the well known magazine company and settles out of court.

It's called recycled cash and celebrities are known to play dirty as tax season prepares to tap into their bank accounts.


  1. I am not suprise that the Tacky Knowles camp will pull desperate measures for Beyonce non talentes behind. No one cares if beyonce was preggos she already has SOLAME and look at how she turned out dumb and unattractive just like her mother. SOLAME aka Ms. Orlando Jones.

  2. Tina Knowles is tacky. Why are we believing what comes out of her mouth? For all we should know, she might be assigned to carry Beyonce and Jay-Z's children, i mean why would she say that she's pregnant?

    And she still haven't spoken on that obvious face lift.

  3. ^^^ Exactly why would Wicked Witch Tina say that she is pregnant. Them Knowles are a mess. I hope all their dirt come out the wood work.

  4. Is it me or was Ellen interviewing the spawn of a lion that mated with johnny deeps version of the mad hatter?? These knowles will stoop to below dirt levels of attention its pathetic bordering disgusting!! Xoxo

  5. Don't think it's you, it's def those sneaky ass knowles trying to keep beyonce and her gay husband revelant.

    Ellen was given a list of comb through questions to ask Tina and don't forget Ellen is neither male or female, she's a hermaphrodite.

    Jay-Z calls Tina Knowles is Gyspy cap because she knows how to Carry big things.

    The unfortunate looking children will work behind the scenes and the ones who come out looking magazine worthy will soon hit center stage.

  6. I am very sure Ellen saw through Tina Knowles and her bullshit. After all we do !
    Tina looks like a scare crow.

  7. She is a spitting image of Solange in this video still! This is an interesting theory that does not shock me at all. It does make sense though. I have never bought into the reports of them having oodles of money...