Friday, October 8, 2010

Rosario Dawson

Rosario Dawson has covered the November issue of Germany's GQ Magazine. In this issue, the actress/model shares her life with new boyfriend Mathieu Schreyer, growing up within a hippie family and being born to a mother at age 16. During this time, the actress reveals that, "...the pictures of me and my mother from those times are crazy: you see a child with a baby". She goes on to reveal that she met her father only once, when she was four years old and then he disappeared.

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  1. Okay, the video clip was so soft porn-ish! I guess it is done a little different out of the country.

    Rosario? Maybe she should give playboy a call. I thought i was watching a playboy photo-shoot.

  2. @ 9:42 am, she might be corny but Jay-Z is still chasing her around. Her boyfriend is a DJ based out of LA.

    Jay-Z has strongly encouraged Solange to become a DJ. he purchased her first set of turntables. Now with Solange on the DJ scene, she was track Rosario and her new boyfriend (both by the way has slept with Jay-Z).

    Do you get it

  3. ^^^ Wow this is why she became a dj sick and twisted.

  4. Yes @ Solange is on the DJ scene to track Jay-Z's ex-girlfriend Rosario.

  5. @10:20

    What do you mean both slept with Gay Z? Rosario and her DJ boyfriend or Solange.

  6. @10:20

    Who cares if she slept with faggot Boule ass Gay Z, the bitch still corny AND common !!!

  7. There's something no so corny about her, Jay-Z is still in love her; despite sleeping with her new boyfriend.

    Hollywood is so foul.

  8. Yes, do tell. I have always heard that Gay-Z is Crazy In Love with Rosario; but I had no idea he boofed her BF too...