Tuesday, October 19, 2010


According to the Dailymail, Oprah and her boo Gail recently situated their tent on camp grounds in the famous Yosemite National Park.

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  1. I absolutely cannot stand this self righteous heffa. She can be very rude and condescending to her guest on her show. With her six toe ass. Gail have always been and always will be her lover. Why don't the trick just come out the closet. You NEVER see her with nor does she ever talk about stedman. I don't believe she seen his ass in ages.

  2. I can't stand this built Ford tough F-150 either. Both her and her mule faced sidekick has always been judgemental and rude to Michael Jackson and now his legacy. This bunion riddled foot cow uses MJs name for ratings boost.Interviewing MJ gave her her HIGHEST rated show ever. In return this beast has done nothing but spoke negatively about MJ. In the days leading up to her interview with LMP, the wilderbeast is airing shows about molestation just as she did during MJs jury deliberations for his 2005 trials. Like MJs brother Randy said, "It is no coincidence". Eff Orca!!! Fake fat self righteous COW!!