Monday, October 11, 2010

Kim Kardashian

"...I play into the perception of me, but it's not really me..." Quoting: Kim Kardashian

Despite her unhappy spread with Playboy magazine, Kim Kardashian has posed Nude for the November issue of W Magazine. The images are posted all over the internet. To view these images, click here.

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  1. Man, she's mad at Reggie for dumping her ass and now she's rubbing her naked ass in his face and his homeboys face.

    Dude, thank your mother for not marrying this hoe.

  2. now every dude on the NFL and NBA will be rining her phone off the hook in order to tap that ass, you know like Reggie did.

  3. this nude photo shoot paid for kim's bently

  4. she's begging for hollywood to pimp her ass out.

  5. She looks disgusting. And why is her coo-coo so far away from her stomach?

  6. @ 8:48 pm

    She had too much skin pulled and tucked that it doesn't even look normal.

    She's a whore and i was happy to hear that Reggie Bush dumped her ass. After seeing these pictures he might want to fugg her again.

    If he's go back, she was teach his ass a lesson. As a matter of fact, she reminding him all of the things he left behind.

  7. Her face looks jacked up in this picture but men will not realize this at all...they will only pay attention to her body parts - typical.

  8. She had to reveal her birthday suit to obtain that brand new bently and her new house. How much did this magazine pay her to bare it all?

    When you have nothing else to offer, you sell your body. This chick is to empty and sure an airhead.

  9. Trust me, these pictures will make Reggie glad he got rid of this dog"

  10. I actually disagree. This will NOT make him want her back. It shows you EXACTLY who she is: a vapid, classless attention whore. She is showing the world her entire naked body, for what?

    No man IN HIS RIGHT MIND wants the entire world seeing the woman he loves on display in this manner. Its crass and ignorant. The fact that she did it just for a Bentley is even worse. So what will she do for a house, or a yacht?

    Get a life Kim. Your. 15. Minutes. Are. UP.

  11. To expose her butt, buttcrack, breast and left or right side of her Vagina came with a price.

    She exposed it all and how she has a new house, a new car (bently) and more business coming in, but as soon as her body fails her; it's curtains!

    She will try hard to keep her body busty looking. Puberty for her ended years ago, now all of a sudden you have a busty body.

    Let me tell you all something, Kim will never admit that she's getting surgery but what she's doing is, she gaining weight and asking doctors to take fat from other parts of her body and place them in her butt and breast.

    Yeah she tried botox but that's not her secret.

    Just google it. "Body fat injections"

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    [Verse One: 2Pac]

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  13. When i think of freaky ass Kim Kardashian, i put in my Tupac CD and blast this joint right here:

    In tha locker room
    all the homies do is laugh.
    High five's cuz anotha nigga
    played your ass.

    It was said you were sleeezy
    even easy
    sleepin around for what
    you need

  14. Read:

    Kim Kardashian and NFL player Reggie Bush have been spending time together, reports MTV. The news comes just after it was revealed that Kim posed nude for the cover of W Magazine.

    So is that why Bush and Kim are spending time together? Not necessarily. It could be because of their dog. Since the couple split in March, Bush has been flying to Los Angeles to see their dog whenever he can, sources tell

  15. I could see her getting fat transfers. If you're going to go the plastic surgery route, its the smartest and safest way. Not to mention, if you have fat injected, it lasts much longer. However, I don't want to know what her "secret" is. I think this woman is vapid, disgusting, and pointless. Like countless other "celebrities" she does absolutely NOTHING to make the world a better place.

    Oh well...

    P.S. Yeah right! He's not flying across the country to see a damned dog! Unless that is his code word for her. LOL!

  16. lol @ 6:40 PM

    People always said that some white people smell like wet dogs after they shower and after sex.

    So Kim is like a dog?

    You put money on it and watched it grow and now everybody is falling for your pet and you don't know if you should put it to sleep or continue living with it and everytime you see her on four legs, she barks.

  17. felt this come through...when Reggie refused to give Kim a baby meaning as a part of the debt owed to Reggie's handlers being none other then Robert Kardashian former USC student and graduate/ illumni for covering up his USC money tracks her p.r. people leaked to the press while they were taping that show that she was pregnant hoping that Reggie would get caught up in the moment and really impregnate the alien beast Kim...Recognise this, O.J., Robert Kardashian and Reggie went to the same college, and Reggie is nothing more the modern day O.J. but since he didn't give them a child, thanks to his mother , they are now trying to hang their foot up his a** so witch/watch out Reggie.