Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kanye West

It's being reported that Kayne West approached the owner of Stubbs and Wotton to pitch a footwear design. The owner Percy Steinhart has revealed to the New York Post that, "We were honored that he approached us to do something together. We do a lot of crests...and (Kanye) loves crests.

If you don't understand what this mean, Kanye West is launching his own line of loafers with the shoemakers Stubbs and Wooton. Stubbs and Wooton are known for their European-styled crested slippers and loafers.


  1. Once you put this on, you can't take them off. Michael Jackson learned the hard way and now Kayne West has created his own line that will drop in Spring 2011?

    Next he will be wearing pajamas outside.


    When will they learn?

  2. What do you mean?

    The loafters cast a spell of some kind?

  3. Read what has happened to the career of those who wouldn't take them off!

    Quincy Jones
    Michael Jackson

    The list goes on and on. Kayne West is rocking himself 6th feet under.

  4. Dag, first he had dudes wearing skinny jeans and now they will be wearing skinny jeans and crested loafers.


  5. NOTHING, I MEAN ABSOLUTELY NOTHING happened to Quincy Jones career. QJ is one of THE BIGGEST satanist in the industry. He is known to have slept with most, if not all the black men in the entertainment industry. He initiates them. He is the one who ordered the hit on Tupac. Tupac said in a taped conversation that Quincy propositioned him. QJ wanted Pac to fuck him in the ass. Oh yeah y'all, Quincy is a known faggot. One of the biggest Black Boule Bastards.

  6. Nothing has happened to Quincy's career because it's his career and the people that surrounds him that he has freely given to the occult leaders.

    Quincy "believes" that he has the best health money can buy, but he's so wrong. He's a research project and his body is a science project.

    Just look at him, they are beginning to turn him inside out.

    After your bank account reach a certain limit, it belongs to someone else (mark my words).

  7. @9:48

    The introduction; he sent his daughter to seduce Tupac Shakur.

    Tupac was interested (slightly, he always thought mixed girls were filled with many tricks...and that they had issues deep rooted issues) only because that was Quincy's daughter but after meeting Quincy, and his daughter throwing the ass (and the company she kept) it was a bit too much for 'Pac.

    It was like she had no soul and her father was black, the shit didn't make sense.

  8. This just proves htat Kanye love white cock
    OCTOBER 19, 2010 9:07 PM