Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Jennifer Hudson

Yesterday, the Chicago Native Jennifer Hudson helped Michigan Avenue Magazine celebrates their two-year anniversary in Chicago, IL. Aside from her appearance, the singer also performed "I Will Always Love You" and "I Tell You I'm Not Going".


  1. I can't stand this chick. With her funny looking ass. Some people don't look right skinny and she's one of them. She seems strange now that her family was sacrificed.

  2. I don't know what it is, after heavy people lose weight, their head appears as the biggest part of their body.

    For example:

    Star Jones
    Tina Knowles
    Kelly Price
    Missy Elliot

    Janet Jackson is the only one who gain and lose weight without looking like a bobble head doll.

  3. HATERS there is nothing wrong with Jhud. The problem is with you people throwing rocks. Jennifer Hudson don't give a rats ass how you feel about her. This young lady is the most talked about super star in the business. A few HATERS never made a difference none. At this point of her life she is the most celebrated young lady in the business. Jealousy is a form of mental illness, and you tricks need some help.

  4. I think she looks great! I'm glad that she is starting a family of her own to begin to start a new chapter of her life after sustaining such a tremendous loss. I wish her the best. :-)

  5. No amount of weight loss will keep your man faithful. Just putting that out there. He had her fooled and now the truth is being revealed.

  6. Now drastic weight lost (without surgery) after a pregnancy is another developing HIV story.

  7. @6:49

    Jennifer "that took the oath " Hudson don't give a damn about yo ass either. The trick didn't even care about her own damn family. You A-holes need to retire that freaking word HATER, IT'S PLAYED THE HECK OUT. The word doesn't even hold validity anymore. Everyone has their own opinions. This doesn't and just because it's not the same as yours do not make a person a hater. Like I said before, fuck this trifling fat skinny bitch.

  8. hiv?? lol!! stop it! please! lol!!

  9. Yeah folks this weight loss is dramatic but i hope she regains with grace. After she sings better than Bey.