Sunday, October 3, 2010

B.E.T. : Hip Hop Awards 2010

The B.E.T. Hip Hop Awards were taped on October 2nd in Atlanta, GA. The Awards Show is set to air on B.E.T. come October 12th.

However, pictures taken from the red carpet arrivals were leaked and shared via the internet. Here are a few of those pictures:


  1. You're right @ 10:06 am and it didn't make sense for Nicki Minaj to win so many awards without releasing an album.

    How can you win an award without releasing an album?

    Yes there were mixtapes and appearances but to win all of these awards without releasing an album?

    BET showed major favoritism!

    She won for "Rookie of the year", "People's Champ" and "Made You Look".

  2. She may as well have won for being a ghetto pin-up and stripper in the making. Nikki Minaj is disgusting and has some serious issues. I wonder where this will take her.

  3. And WTF is she smiling like a kindergartener? Is that K. Row? She knows better!

  4. Is it me or does it look like Kelly had major work done on her face. She's starting to look like NeNe Leaks.

  5. I absolutely can't stand that Nikki M. trick. She tries too hard to be different and comes off corny ass hell.

  6. I agree, I think Kelly had more work done. She should stop now, if she does anymore, she may start to look a bit off.

  7. @ Miss Andi K
    BET has a history of favortism just look at Bitch-on-say and Mat the rat makin a fuss about LeToya who was lined up to a prime spot only to be placed into the being the opening act.