Friday, October 15, 2010

Alicia Keys

Singer Alicia Keys gave birth to a boy she named Egypt Daoud Dean. This is the first child for Alicia and the fourth for her husband Swizz Beats.


  1. Lets see how long she can keep her "straight" face on!! lol!!

  2. lol@ 7:10 PM

    It has been said that she's having a baby for Hip Hop.

    Hopefully MaShonda and Alicia Keys will raise their "YOUNG BLACK MALES" together and stop being bitter butch ass bitches.

    Swizz Beats has FOUR CHILDREN not ONE!

  3. She was married in Egypt
    Named her son Egypt


  4. This gay bitch needs to stop trying to pull the wool over ppl's eyes. She know good and darn well she is a beard for Swizzy and he is one for her ass. Y'all go to youtube and look at the episode where she was on the Cosby show, SHE LOOKED JUST LIKE A LITTLE BOY!!!!It doesn't look like the same person.

  5. Swizz beats looks just like a hawk! !