Saturday, September 25, 2010

Rapper T.I.

Chris Lee, Staff Writer for the Los Angeles Times has written a great story entitled, "Hip-hop's chemical romance with Ecstasy". Within this story, Lee has pulled several lyrics from high profile artist that reveals their knowledge or usage of the drug commonly known to all as "X or E Pills".

Here are a few of those lyrics:

"Stickin' on a double stack, you're rollin' wit a rich boy!" - Lil wayne

"put that bean on your tongue...I'm off three double stacks and I'm lookin' for that action." - Gucci Mane

"I'm startin' to see spaceships on Bankhead / I roll with gangstas, pill poppers and dank heads." - Rapper Fabo

"MDMA got you feeling like a champion /City never sleeps, better slip you an Ambien." - Jay-Z

"Higher Than a Kite...You getting ill, I bet, poppin' a pill again...I'm the island and I'm lookin' for Gilligan." - Nicki Minaj

"Ecstasy, I'm willing to do all the things I said I wouldn't do/ On Ecstasy, the feelin' makes me feel like I'm in love with you," - Missy Elliot

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  1. And Jay-Z is selling E-pills which depicts the image of our president.

    Pharell recently made a statement that Obama was cooler than Jay-Z.

    Jay-Z might be one of the coolest cats on the planet, but longtime collaborator Pharrell thinks that presidential swagger has one-up on the hip-hop icon.

    Image of President Obama's face on a E-pill

  2. Authorities say two Canadians are accused of trying to smuggle more than $2 million in ecstasy pills into the U.S. at a border crossing in northern New York.

    U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials tell the Press-Republican of Plattsburgh that 40-year-old Santiago Roque Peralta and 39-year-old Laura Nin Nin were arrested last Friday at Champlain where they tried to enter the country with their two children, ages 11 and 12.

    Officers found more than 100,000 ecstasy pills packed into bags hidden in the vehicle's spare tire.

  3. Spanish scientists said Wednesday they have detected cocaine, ecstasy and six other drugs in the waters of a nature reserve, and warned of a possible risk to wildlife and public health.

    Investigators from the University of Valencia analysed the water in canals and irrigation channels of eastern Spain's Albufera Natural Park, a major wetlands region, for the presence of 14 kinds of drugs, Spain's Scientific Information and News Service (SINC) said.

  4. Two men were arrested in Ridgewood on Monday after allegedly picking up the illegal drug ecstasy from a United States Postal Service mail drop box, according to a press release from the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office.

    Castillo Members of the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the United States Postal Service, the Ridgewood Police Department and the Bergen County Narcotics Task Force set up a surveillance at the location of a mail drop box and witnessed Marcelo Castillo, 22, of Passaic, obtain the narcotics from the drop box around 11:25 a.m., the release said. An investigation revealed that Castillo would be handing over the pills to Hwang Woojin, 20, of Paterson, for redistribution, officials said.

  5. Authorities arrested three men who sold 1,000 ecstasy pills to undercover police near a school last week, the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office said Tuesday.

    The operation had been ongoing for weeks, prosecutors said. Undercover agents bought 50 pills of ecstasy from one of the arrested men, Sylone P. Depasupil, 29, on Aug. 31, authorities said. They allegedly bought 96 more on Sept. 10, less than two weeks later.

    A week after that agents met Depasupil and two other men in Paramus — less than 1,000 feet from a Jewish grade school — to buy 1,000 pills, authorities said in a press release. Moments after the exchange, Depasupil and the two men were arrested without incident.

  6. I just got to have it
    It's getting drastic
    I can't break the habit
    I'm just an addict
    For your love
    It's like a drug
    Baby let me take you to

  7. [Krayzie] What's happening nigga?
    [Dealer] Hell yeah, what's up my nigga?
    Ain't nothing just out here grinding, my nigga you know what it is
    What's up nigga what you need?
    [Krayzie] I need some weed
    [Dealer] Aw, man I don't even fuck wit the weed no more
    [Krayzie] What?
    [Dealer] Aw, hell naw, man I got this new shit
    Man this shit called ecstasy man
    [Krayzie] Ecstasy, what?
    [Dealer] Nigga this the shit, man
    Nigga this shit will have you on the level wit ya female and everything, nigga
    Look I'ma give you one of these motherfucker's let you try this motherfucking out, man
    And I bet you be calling me tomorrow
    talking 'bout you want some more of this shit
    Man I'm telling you; shit have you on the level
    Man you need to put the weed down fuck wit this shit
    Boy, I'm telling you boy
    [Krayzie] This nigga tripping
    [Dealer] This shit will have you on the level
    [Krayzie] Straight fuck it. Gimme one of them motherfuckers dere man
    [Dealer] Here, take that one and call me in the morning nigga

  8. [Wish Bone]
    I've been smoking weed for a very long time, why should I change?
    An plus they say that ecstasy shit fucks up ya brain (brain)
    Ah, ah, why should I (I) just to get high, when weed gets me high?
    Nigga try this here. They said betta then that there
    They say, "Ya like it (ya like it)". So I tried it. (i tried it)
    I thought the shit will have a nigga high an horny
    I'm high, but I'm to high. Wanna hurt somebody
    Nigga you tripping, get a hold of that shit, and ride that high
    But I'm tripping, body moves, won't nobody get hurt (hurt)

  9. You live in a world of fantasy
    You live in a web of deceit
    You want it all including me
    You like it all to be neat
    I come to you when shadows fall
    I leave as the dawn arrives
    Hide the truth to deceive them all
    How my good intention lies
    Try to silence the suspicions
    Feeding the dark inhibitions
    We can never let anyone see
    The sin I bring called ecstasy
    The sin I bring ecstasy
    Secret meetings that we hide
    Deeds of iniquity
    The price of foolish pride
    The cost of immorality
    And we hide the truth to deceive them all
    And the pain of what will never be
    Try to silence the suspicions
    Feeding the dark inhibitions
    We can never let anyone see
    The sin I bring called ecstasy
    The sin I bring ecstasy

  10. Sexual relations with that woman...

    I been poppin' ecstasy, drinkin' hennessy, got a naked chick next to me, i been takin ecstasy, drinkin hennessy, theres a naked chick next to me
    im in tha club seein all kinds of colors n shit, on the dance floor openin' up rubbers n shit
    unknown line
    and i hear voices saying 'you can have that drink'
    hallucinating, tripping, freakin out, passin out on the floor and im speakin out who the motherfuck took my motherfuckin lighter, look at that bitch over there dont she look like a spider? i guess a player like me better sit down beside her, i know what you did last summer bitch, slut, liar
    i see dead people. you need to quit. bartender gimme a big mac combo and a jerry curl, yo man whaddya on your actin kinda strange, youre a real party animal like that cat rick james, well gimme a hennessey, and one of 'em pills, and point me to the strippers buck nake in high heels (ecstasy)
    im in the club saying whose that b---
    runnin roun the club suck my ---

  11. ambien, arsenic
    and make me a lesbian
    make me a something
    so i can forget him
    and get back to reading
    and get back to sleep again
    out of van, marzipan
    anything, anything

    cnn, trl
    make me a vegetable
    show me the war and remind me to hate them all
    shooting off nerves at each other
    how could i deserve to be crying here
    under the covers

  12. It's heart, heartbreak

    I don't care if we don't sleep at all tonight
    Let's just just fix this whole thing now
    I swear to God we're going to get it right
    If you put your weapon down

    Red wine and Ambien
    You're talking shit again
    It's heartbreak warfare

    John Mayer

  13. Deja-Vu

    And since im convinced that I'm insomniac,
    I need these pills to be able to sleep, so I take three naps,
    just to be able to function throughout the day let's see
    that's an Ambien each nap, how many Valium? Three.
    And that will average out to about one good hours sleep.
    Ok so now you see the reason how come he
    has taken four years just too put out an album B.
    See me and you we almost had the same outcome Heath,
    cuz that Christmas you know the Pneumonia thing?
    It was bologna, was it the Methadone ya think?
    Or the Hydrocodone, you hide inside your pornos?
    Your VCR tape cases with your Ambien CR, great places to hide ain't it?

  14. Ambien Wet Dreams

    These are the pills I take to fall asleep. Im not as restless as you think that I should be.
    I am numb silent motionless with hands folded over me. These are the pills I take to fall asleep. I am numb.

  15. According to court documents filed yesterday in DeKalb County, Georgia, mega church and outspoken anti gay pastor, Bishop Eddie Long, allegedly gave a teen Ambian before engaging in sexual activity with him. The allegations were revealed yesterday in a lawsuit filed by plaintiff Spencer LeGrande. Spencer is one of four men who have accused Bishop Eddie Long of misusing his position as a trusted spiritual advisor to manipulate the men into sexual relationships. There are currently four lawsuits filed and more may civil charges are possible.


    Ambien & Ecstasy

    syn42026-06-2006, 05:30
    Has anyone experimented with taking Ambien after a night (or two, or three) of rolling? Last year I rolled for 2.5 days straight, and popped 25mg of Ambien XR at 3am on the last morning. I didn't fall asleep until 9am, but for those 6 hours, I was hullucinating like whoa!

    I was seeing arms under the bed, the color of the ceiling was yellow (in fact, everything was discolored), and it goes on and on. I know people experience slight hullucinations on Ambien (especially when mixed with alcohol, etc.), but is this normal? It definitely was not the ecstasy because it did not start until after I took the Ambien. Another friend of mine also tried this to experiment, and had a similar experience.

    Does anyone have an explanation for this? Is this dangerous? I am not implying that I plan to do this again; however, I was just trying to take a few sleeping pills to call it a night, not go on a wild adventure, albeit an interesting one.

    Feel free to share your thoughts/experiences.

  17. Ecstasy Discussion

    What's your favorite type of music to listen to while rolling? (mega-merged)

    surly24-05-2001, 03:29

    phish & Phlorida breaks,
    hard house if popping a few beans.D&B,
    anything that hits,
    I have found the best music
    is the kind you don't know then
    hear when your tripping/rolling,
    and your like Who the fuck is This?
    And they're like "It's Aphrodite"
    or whatever, I remember. Then
    seek out they're music.
    Although, I've discoverd many
    wondeful soundz on my own,
    reccomendations rock!!

  18. song lyrics mentioning/about ecstasy

    50 cent - in da club
    "Look mami I got the X if you into taking drugs
    I'm into having sex, I ain't into making love
    So come give me a hug if you into getting rubbed"

    i kknow BG has a song called hennessey and xtc

  19. Green Velvet - "La La Land"

    I've been the one to party until the end,
    Looking for the after party to begin,
    I'm going down to La La land,
    I hope to see you soon in La La Land.

    Something bout those little pills
    so real the thrills
    they yield until they kill
    a million brain cells.

    Something bout those little pills
    so real the thrills
    they yield until they kill
    a million brain cells.

    Now I need to go,
    Who's gonna gimme a ride to the aftershow,
    I hope that I have enough change so I can make my brain rearranged...

    I'm going down to
    La La Land,
    I hope to see you soon in
    La La Land.

  20. X-Logic18-02-2004, 05:57
    Can't forget the best classic ever Wreckshop Family - Power Up


    and about 1 out of every 10 techno songs mesions x lol

  21. Nearly every 2nd trance song has some chick whispering 'esctasy'

    Also Eminem's every 2nd song has something to do with drugs. Especially drug ballad

    However, I do show some respect to few
    As ecstacy got me standing next to you
    Getting sentimental as fuck spillin' guts to you
    We just met
    But I think I'm in love with you
    But you're on it too
    So you tell me you love me too
    Wake up in the morning like "yo, what the fuck we do?"
    I gotta go bitch
    You know I have stuff to do
    'Cause if I get caught cheatin' then I'm stuck with you
    But in the long run
    These drugs are probably going to catch up sooner or later
    But fuck it, I'm on one
    So let's enjoy
    Let the X destroy your spinal cord
    So it's not a straight line no more
    'Til we walk around looking like some wind-up dolls
    Shit's sticking out of our backs like a dinosaur
    Shit, six hits won't even get me high no more
    So bye for now
    I'm going to try to find some more

    Love that song! =D

  22. "Rollin on doves..." -R. Kelly & J. Lo - Baby I love You

    "Rollin on doves..." -Dr. Dre & Snoop - The Next Episode

  23. Eminem...............Purple Pills.

    Black eyed peas.............Lets get Etarded

  24. eminem - the kids

    "my penis is the size of a peanut, have you seen it, fuck no you aint seen it, its the size of a peanut, speakin of peanuts you know what else is bad for squirrels, esctasy is the worst drug in the world, if someone ever offers it to you dont do it, kids two hits will probally drain all your spinal fluid."

  25. "...Chris Lee, Staff Writer for the Los Angeles Times...".

    Don't leave your drink unattended as a matter of fact don't drink if liquids are offered to you. Most of those drinks passed along within Hollywood are pre-spiked! Great Article!

  26. Don't drink liquids that are offered to you!

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