Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Naomi Campbell

The supermodel, shared her past and discussed her future with Interview Magazine. She also striked several poses with a corpse for the scheduled interview:


  1. These are some sick pictures Noami has some issues that she needs to address.

  2. If this ain't some eyes wide shut bullshit than I don't know what is. I truly believe Noami is a mind controlled presidential model. That's the reason the bitch goes off, because her programming starts to break down. I also feel Quincy Jones is her controller. Think about this y'all, what the heck does she and Jones have in common that makes them such good friends? ??? They both worship the baphomet. Noami was sold into THE INDUSTRY by her mother at a very young age, for a fee. Just like Lindsay lowHAND, Britney spears, Xtina, Aaliyah, MJ, Justin timberlake, and a host of others.

  3. Is that a real cadaver? Or is that a model pretending to be dead?

  4. Naomi always give the same answers on all of her interviews. She never talks about her real family. She never talks about her life her in home country.

    Instead, she always talk about her father figures in the states and of course Nelson Mandela.

    Also puzzle at this super hermaphrodite story of traveling alot with her mother when she was only 6 years ago?

    Where did she travel to with her mother? Was she on her way to visit doctors in the states to perfect her problem down there? You know, problems that associates with a person born as a hermaphrodite?

    Man, why don't you entertain us with how you married your occult handler from russia and now you live there?

    She never talks about Madonna pissing on her during her first photo shoot in the states for the singer's sex book erotica (google it).

    BTW, who is her biological mother?

  5. Naomi first came on the scene their were pictures of her with a woman who "appeared" to be her biological mother. I say this because she and the woman could have gone for twins. When I saw pictures of her with this woman who is supposed to be her mum I was floored because it was not the same person.

  6. ^lol

    Yep! That was a highlight of her career. It was Madonna, Big Daddy Kane and Naomi. Just saw the pictures online. She never talks about that and if someone ask she was say, "I don't talk about my private life".

    She never fails to mention traveling with her mother at age six years old. But that's it! That's the only information you will hear about her mother.

    Naomi was a scientific experiment. A test tube hermaphrodite baby who sailed in from Africa in a glass bottle.

  7. ^ and she has no hair under he wigs.