Sunday, September 12, 2010

Musical Selection: Minnie Riperton

Her Story Continues...


  1. Les Fleur is a lovely song by Mrs. Ripperton.

    These new artist will not compare to the signature Minnie has left behind.

    Instead they disrespect her sound by sampling her music. Her music didn't receive much air play but somehow every other person within Hollywood has her music in their collection.

    Her music was beyond her time. Lovely song.

  2. Rihanna? Rebelle Fleur? The tattoo? Hello? Is she sampling Minnie's music without permission?

  3. So sweet. Lovely! This also sounds like Sade's new song "Baby daddy." Well at leats the lyrics do. "Thats how we knew and so love grew a flower, a flower that is you." Ms. Adu is also a theif. She robbed her bands mates out of royalites and copyright infrigements. Sade can't even read music.