Saturday, September 11, 2010

Michelle Williams

As Michelle Williams approach the final stage on the UK's Strickly Come Dancing, she reveals that she wish Beyonce and Kelly would sneak in to watch her performance on the show.

"I hope they get to come in and sneak in and sit up there somewhere or at least be backstage. I want my girls to be here, you know, we support each other and we are always on our BlackBerries chiming in and talking to each other and encouraging each other on our individual projects." Quoting: Michelle Williams


  1. Ok yeah right Michelle you know Kelly and Beyonce haven't talk in a min so please stop trying to keep up with appearances it's not working

  2. After all these years, beyonce might sneak in to watch her BFF perform in the UK.

    The last time beyonce snuck in to watch someone perform, it was at one of her sister's DJ gigs at a bowling alley.

    Kelly might show up, because she's always in the UK.

  3. If there's something stealing she just might sneak in to watch.

  4. Is Michelle still screwing Bey's dad?