Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lina Morgana

“.. you know, my success in photography may have come much too fast. I’m at the top. But like someone told me once, I went to the top floor in the elevator without ever taking the little steps. Now Maybe someday I’ll discover I have to go back down and take the little steps, ne?” Quoting: Veruschka

As the saying goes, what was done in dark, will soon come to light....sigh.

Lady Gaga has been exposed as a copy. Many websites are reporting that her style and sounds were stripped from the aspiring artist "Lina". In 2008, Lina was pushed off of a 10 story building and many were lead to believe that it was a suicide; she was only 19.

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  1. "Music producer Rob Fusari introduced the pair at his New Jersey studio in early 2007, in the hope Germanotta's songwriting and Morgana's singing would generate hits".

    This is the same producer who is sued lady ga-ga for 50 million. Man, i knew that there was another part to this story. Someone is feeling guilty for pushing Lina to her death.

  2. It doesn't sound good at all .... cold case file should be call in.

  3. Beautiful girl what a sad story. You would think that the mother has a case. Hmmm wonder why GaGa does not want them released?

  4. Rob Fusari sued Ga-Ga for 50 million. That's a lot of money, yet it's not enough for taking someone's life, a talented artist that is.

    It didn't make sense for a ex-producer to sue his artist or developmental issues, unless the real issue involved the death of someone else.

    Rob Fusari used the statement, "I made you, i create Lady Ga-Ga".

    His statements alone leads to the true identity of Lina.

    Yes, this cold case file should be turned in.

    Lady Ga-Ga is creating her own "Ga-Ga Universe" - She always talked about the Gay Universe and her little monsters.

    Now that Lady Ga-Ga has developed a massive fanbase, the record company will be release Lina's work because Lady Ga-Ga is still using her lyrics and sound.

  5. Who is Lina Morgana?

    In 2007, New Jersey producer Rob Fusari -- who’d worked with acts like Destiny’s Child, Will Smith, and Beyonce -- brought into his studio a young singer from Staten Island named Lina Morgana. Morgana, the child of recently divorced Russian immigrants, was looking to launch a career in music. To write material for her, Fusari brought in another local ingénue, Stefani Germanotta - who would later become known to the world as Lady Gaga – a privileged Manhattanite who began studying music at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts while only 17. Fusari had first met her when trying to put together what he termed “a female version of The Strokes.”

    At Fusari’s studio, Morgana and Germanotta wrote and recorded about a dozen songs together. None were released commercially, though the song “Wunderland” (with back-up vocals by Gaga) has been leaked to YouTube.

    In preparation for what she believed would be her debut record, Morgana shot videos and began posing for publicity stills wearing lingerie, outlandish wigs, platform shoes – all which would later become Gaga staples (and, to be fair, all of which had been staples of the club kid scene for at least a decade). It was around this time that Germanotta began morphing into Lady Gaga, a moniker given her by Fusari, and recording her debut solo album.

    Morgana’s tracks were never released. Gaga’s album The Fame, dropped on August 19,2008, raced up the charts and would go on to sell 12 million copies.

    Lina Morgana, meanwhile, committed suicide at age 19 by jumping off the roof of a Staten Island hotel on October 4th, 2008.

    Now, nearly two years later, her mother Yana Morgana has taken her story to the New York Post, alleging that Lady Gaga stole Lina Morgana’s act.

    "I'm not looking to file a lawsuit," Yana stressed. "I just want them to acknowledge Lina as an artist and release her music."

    Rob Fusari (who is suing Gaga, incidentally, over song royalties), Interscope Records and Lady Gaga have all declined to comment thus far. Gaga (or her management minions) also went so far as to shut down her official internet fan forum after the New York Post story broke. Here’s all that’s currently available of Gaga and Morgana’s 2007 collaboration.

  6. "New Jersey producer Rob Fusari -- who’d worked with acts like Destiny’s Child, Will Smith, and Beyonce"

    Beyonce, Destiny Child and Will Smith has been sued for stealing songs. What is the deal with this guy Rob Fusari?

  7. Lina was pushed off of a building on October 4, 2008.

    Beyonce and Jay-Z always stressed how important the #4 means to them. Something ain't right with this Rob guy. The number 4.

  8. Rob and Lady Ga-Ga settled out of court. He was paid to keep silent and they agreed to remain friends (you know, not to discuss this any further).

  9. did you know lina morgana is back in town? and im her................................................. im not jokeing heh

    1. really i love u tell the truth to people please gaga is a bitch.

    2. really i love u tell the truth to people please gaga is a bitch.

  10. I know Lina is not the same person as Lady GaGa but I cant find Lina Morgana's birth name anywhere, I figured maybe because she adopted her stage name when she was only 16. People say there's no death record, well of course there's not because they aren't going to put the death record under her stage name...smh... fools!!! I am not bias to either Morgana or GaGa, however, the discrepancies are questionable. Reports say she was upset over a conversation with the boyfriend but i don't see any statements from him regarding such conversations, also she went to have lunch with a friend who was able to calm her down, again i see no statements from the friend on what they may have discussed or her demeanor. They found keys in Lina's pocket registered to a ford that had Illinois plates but earlier the police said she walked to the Staten Island hotel, that doesn't make any sense. Not to mention she didn't even live in Illinois, she lived one half mile from the hotel where she met her demise. So obviously she had a cell phone where are the cell pings and who had she been talking to that day or rather the whole month??? 3 people have died around GaGa, Lina Morgana who she wrote songs for, Alexander McQueen who hung himself he did her wardrobe and Clarence Clemons who was a saxophonist for Bruce Springstein he died less than a month after collaboration of her song "The Edge Of Glory" you guys should watch that video...smh... Something isn't right and I'm not just saying that because my life path number is 11, it's common sense that something is terribly wrong. Period.

  11. I've got the hiccups...

  12. It does seem as if it was a blood sacrifice for Gaga and they sure as hell did a good job covering it up. There weren't any new reports identifying/confirming the identity of the person that jumped. She was an up and coming artist signed to a major record deal with Sony and when hear death occurred there wasn't any media coverage or information about it. Almost as if someone was try to ignore what happened and pretend this girl never existed. Sony never made a statement about which is really strange. And nobody seems to know this girl's official birth name and nobody can find any death records. Something isn't right here....

  13. Lina Morgana is fake
    It was a hoax. But read for yourself