Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cold Play and Jay-Z

It seems as if the Rapper Jay-Z and Chris Martin his boyfriend have made plans to ring in the New Year together. Many websites are reporting that the two are planning a lavish New Year's Eve Party in Las Vegas.

Currently Reported:

Around three months before the celebration of New Year, Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas casino-resort has secured two big acts Jay-Z and Coldplay to ring in the upcoming 2011. The rapper and the Chris Martin-fronted band are set to play their own materials before joining forces for a live duet.

The concert is part of a three-day invitation-only festivity which is held roughly two weeks after the $3.9-billion resort opens on December 15. It will be broadcast on the hotel's 65-foot marquee overlooking the Vegas Strip

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  1. Whatever, he's gay and why are these two men wearing the same shorts? Different color? Jay-Z had to dress the same as his boo; Chris Martin.

    Gay Frogs!

  2. I wonder r bey and gwenie seeing each other. I hear the swinger opps I mean singer is into women more so than her "hubby".

  3. This is some bullshit right here. Why do Nubian ppl keep supporting this uncle Tom trader. He has made it painfully obvious that he'd rather ne with those crackers. FUCK THIS BLACK BOULEVARD BASTARD.

  4. I meant Black Boule, my cellphone keeps correcting me when I don't need correction

  5. @ 3:50 am

    Jay-Z's father is a wealthy white trader from Wall Street who only sex it up with hermaphrodites and wo-men of the alternative lifestyles. Warren Buffet knows all about Jay-Z's biological father.

    Jay-Z enjoys having sex with white men because his father enjoyed having sex with black men and wo-men.

    Jay-Z is sending his fans to Vegas (the city of sin) on New Year's Eve.

    Let me share this with you, Jay-Z can't get enough of Will Smith and Chris Martin.

    He has the best black meat and white meat in show business.

    Beyonce is just enjoying the FAME. Her marriage is all about FAME. Look at all of the pictures of Jay-Z and Beyonce stadning new to Will and Jada or Gwenth and Chris. Her facial expression is a dead give away.

    Beyonce's manly voice is the only thing that turns Gay-Z on.

  6. LMAO, this is too far fetched to be blieved. Jay z don't have a single caucasian feature. though i don't doubt he might be fruity. this so called friend ship is wierd as can be.