Friday, September 24, 2010

Chico Debarge:

After nine years of marriage, Andrea and Chico DeBarge are going through a very messy divorce.

Chico Debarge ex-wife wrote a open letter addressed to all of his mistresses and allowed to publish exclusively through their website.

Here's The Letter:

I am a little disappointed by these women who think its okay to date, have sex, and consider a married man her boyfriend. More disappointed that she’d publicly announce it. Shouldn’t she have some shame in such a situation? I can see, maybe you made a mistake, but to carry on and take it public knowing when this man has a wife at home. Now to take it to a level of an imaginary status doesn’t irk me as much as does amuse me. See, that is a reflection of one seeking some type of validation and lacking self worth because it wasn’t good enough to be sleeping with the man, but it has to be this fairytale romance and that I’m” better than his wife” mentality that you have to pretend to be “more than.” Maybe “more than” should have gotten you the ring. You actually should be grateful to me that you did not have to suffer a failed marriage since women like you are like predators lying in wait. Don’t mind the children! We know that NOTHING will stop you.

I am disappointed that my marriage failed and with the women who participated with my husband to ensure that it would. I am thankfully through the pain and shame of having been with such a person who had no regard for his family.

Now the part that will make me rise is that you are now dishonoring the fact that there are children involved; MY CHILDREN! Do not think you will continue to belittle my marriage in the public eye without some recourse especially when my children are watching. They have and were a product of a marriage based upon love. I do recognize that word love is used in my behalf only so again; don’t twist the situation to benefit you. See children watch and they question, as mine are doing now wondering. The lack of consideration for them is making me emerge from the shadows and speak. You should have left well enough alone by keeping your affair what it is supposed to be; a secretive dishonorable act. Many of the other “more than” mistresses did. I didn’t find out about this “Price As Right Model” until after I separated but I am now completely aware of the fact that she knew about me. She knew I was living in Michigan in a home with my husband and children.

The fact is I married Dec 14, 1996 and did not separate from my spouse until 2005. Anything within those years is what they call an affair, fornication, cheating, etc. Pick a word of your choosing, it doesn’t matter, just another addition for the thesaurus. After the separation there were many of talks for reconciliation but without trust of my spouse and women, it was a waste of time.

I am coming forth to show my children that their mother did not allow these women and their father to do these things, and to let them know that I thought I was in a relationship with an honorable person. I did not find out about all these affairs until I separated and many started revealing afterwards. Thank goodness because the pain of what I did know was enough and God knew I probably was not ready for all the dirty details that were to unfold. My children need to know that I am not a doormat and that I have kept quiet to protect them and honor their privacy. I am a quiet, private individual who wishes not to indulge in these public displays of idiocy, but I am a MOTHER who will battle with anyone whom opposes the pride of my children.

My marriage vows meant something to me and I did whatever it took to make it work. I believed my husband when everything sounded so unbelievable. I stayed; I tried over and over again. My children are going to be left with the truth that I did what is right to save my marriage and it did not work out for us. My girls will know the blessings of being a good wife and the shame of being a Jezebel. My sons will learn how to be good husbands and the shame of entertaining Jezebel’s. What happened in my marriage is unfortunate but it will not be a trouble you have to constantly through in their face whenever you get a chance to sit down and write or talk about their father. If you’ve heard the word home wrecker consistently when people are describing you, then maybe you need to look in the mirror and instead of denying it, face it and deal with it. God forgives all and through him, I can forgive but again, I am a warrior and in my battle stance for as long as its necessary.


  1. "My marriage vows meant something to me and I did whatever it took to make it work."

    You are in my prayers hunny. But before i pray, let me share this with you: MOVE ON, FOCUS ON RAISING YOUR CHILDREN AND CATCH YOURSELF BEFORE YOU FALL INTO THE STATE OF DEPRESSION.

    Who knows, maybe one of your children will become a bigger artist than their father.

    1. it sound like she did move on thats what the letter was about very intelligent woman he had with strong faith, dignity and selfworth God bless you both

  2. Great letter and I am also tried of these kind of women myself and the men who have no respect for there household. I mean Chico is a very nice looking man but that does not make a man treat you right and he will continue to pay for his actions against him family and I am glad that she wrote this letter so he can read the words and the pain that he has cost them. I bet his wife is just as beautiful and he will find himself on the other end wishing that he still had him family when this is all said and done. Sweetie I wish that you were in that state where you can sue this no moral having mistress but God always alone with the person why has the most love and respect for themselves always get the last laugh in the end. God bless you.

  3. Thought he was involved with singer, JOE. *shrugs*

  4. You know women are guilty too!

    If a man says that he's not ready to have children and you keep lying about your birth control usage, eventually your lies will fail you and your relationship.

    This ladies marriage failed and she's using her children to hold on to her marriage and man.

    Their were many problems before these two were married. The problems grew as well as the number of children.

    Chico couldn't take it any longer so he decided to divorce.

    Let the man move on, get yourself together and maybe one day you will find your soulmate.

    This letter was dumb.

    You're writing a letter after a seperation? There's no more marriage. Move on!

    BTW, where's your cover spread of the happily married for Esssence, JET or Ebony? You know, when you were married?

  5. Anyone who cheats with a married person is nothing more than a sleaze, male or female, no if ands or buts about. Any man or woman that doesn't want kids shouldnt have sex (or should get neutered). If you are having sex, regardless of what comes out of your mouth, you do want kids. You are still married until you get a real legal divorce just leaving doesn't end anything. Women should not use or have kids to hold on to a man, because she diserves better regard than that, it goes both ways. Everyone on this website including the writer of the letter needs to learn better grammar and you all need to learn that a boyfriend and a girlfriend is not the same as a husband and wife. Quit making this a joke. There is a real big difference. No need to keep throughing GOD in this. It is clear people only use GOD as it is convenient for them.

  6. @ 12:35 PM

    If there are separation papers, the ex-married couple are free to move on. The person who doesn't want to accept that the marriage is over plays a cat and mouse game with NOT being able to sign those divorce papers because THAT PERSON don't want to let go of their marriage. Point is, THAT person knew that separation papers were already set forth.

    If the MARRIED man showed HIS new girlfriend seperation papers that listed his name of his soon to be ex-wife, then go on and ENJOY HIM! Because he's getting a F&*^ing DIVORCE.

    Now, if he's married and doesn't show you divorce or separation papers, LEAVE HIS ASS ALONE. If he cheats on you, he will cheat with you.

    1. You sound really simple. Obviously you've never been married. If so, your response wouldn't be so ratched. Don't open one door before the other is closed. A name on a piece of paper stating that someone is getting divorced means nothing until the papers are finalized by a judge and showing that the divorce is final.

  7. "Any man or woman that doesn't want kids shouldnt have sex (or should get neutered)."

    Every woman who accidently states that she's pregnant always makes this sort of statment. The woman who accidently gets pregnant always end of pregnant by another guy and not the guy that she intended to keep (as in trap).

    "You are still married until you get a real legal divorce just leaving doesn't end anything."

    Some women don't understand the meaning of a separation. With separation papers in hand, the guy can leave, but he'll return with divorce paper - just open the door and stop making excuses because it's OVER.

    "Everyone on this website including the writer of the letter needs to learn better grammar"

    - and you need to learn how to spell - check your statement below.

    "No need to keep throughing GOD in this."

    Throwing? Is it keep throwing?

  8. The woman who accidently gets pregnant always end of pregnant by another guy and not the guy that she intended to keep (as in trap).

    Edit - The woman who accidently gets pregnant, always end up pregnant by another man -- and not the guy she intended to trap!

  9. I mean you really accidently get pregnant because it is a very deliberate things to do sex. Now not having the decency to protect yourself is nothing story all together. People never care about other people children in a situation until it there bastard of a child. Caring means to think first and then act not the other way around. In the world most people have to learn that hard way and even then they still don't get it. Life always seems to have to humble us all before we will open our eyes and see and open our ears and listen.

  10. A girl fucking a millionaire doesn't "Accidently" get pregnant! SHE PLANS TO GET PREGNANT!

    They bring their own condoms to the bedroom and poke holes in them with a bobby pin (especially if there's problems in the relationship). If the condoms breaks, the lady always says that she's on the pill. A few months later, the guy gets a call that she's pregnant and the lady says, you know condoms and birth control pills aren't 100%.

    It happens all the time. The dudes gives the lady money for abortion but by this time the last says that she's four months pregnant and can't get an abortion. The guy has no choice but to keep the child. They try to work on their relationship for the sake of the child. After this fails, the lady pulls the same ole' stunt and this time the guy gets rid of her.

    He moves on with another woman and now the lady want to hit his ass with child support payments.

    If you are fucking a WHATIF chick, bring your own condoms to the bedroom.

  11. " People never care about other people children in a situation until it there bastard of a child."

    If you're dealing with a guy who has a child, you care about the child more than you care about him because YOU were once a child your damn self (who experienced your parents - single or not - problems).

    It's the baby mother who creates the most problems when they realize that they are losing their baby father to another woman. In a instant, the babymother realize that she has to get rid of the other woman to save her babyfather and their relationship.


  12. So fuck that statement, "people never care about other people children in a situation until...." - bitch please!

  13. I see dysfunction attracts dysfunction. First off this woman has been seperated from her husband since 2005 and its 2010. The 'wife' can blame Claudia Jordan and his other 'mistresses' all day long for the break-up of the marriage, but none of them made any vows to her. 5 years of seperation, maybe its time for Andrea to hmmmm move on?? Apparently her soon to be ex has definitely moved on to SEVERAL women. She certainly didn't get the memo reading "Its OVER". Chico's wife should take a page from El's ex wife Tracey and get on with life.

  14. it's clear that boundaries aren't being respected...just when the 'real wife' comes out whenever she came out it's evident that she suffered behind the countless, thoughless actions between her husband and another woman...who obviously ISN'T the WIFE. COME ON now if it were you who responded so disqustingly to her letter. She has suffered painfully not for herself but for the children that they have together. This is how so many children are raised up in disfunctional families. A real woman tries to save her family from any pain to this degree! AND all that can be said is 'get over it." What the heck do you know about LOVING anyone? People need to have more concerns as far as humanity goes, is what I'm trying to say. When women know a man is married all real woman first of all wouldn't sleep with him and send him back home They shut is ass down! You might say that "oh he's fine." WHATEVER...SEND HIS ASS BACK TO HIS WIFE!. Grown women who take care of their business, and she's done that..So to those who have so much to say about this wife...WAIT until it happens to you then try and reason with what she's relaying...oh no

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