Monday, August 23, 2010

Simon Cowell

Ouch – Simon Cowell has admitted that contestants on the X-factor and American Idol are using auto-tunes to fine tune their vocals.


  1. It suppose to be competition where singer showcase their natural abilities.

    This also explain the real reason why Jennifer Hudson (naturally talented) got kicked off and what Simon is so rich. He was paid under the table to put certain people forward.

  2. Anon 9:47

    while I have no doubt Simon has a hand in this its not all him. I think the winners are picked long before the public votes, in fact I don't think they are really voting. The sponsors have major say in the game because they are the ones that support and pay for the show. Ever notice how the winners only get about a year or so of PR. Where's Ruben, Clay, the guy that won last year? If they were so good why isnt anyone helping them make good music? They may be doing tours but you don't really hear anything unless they are doing something stupid (hello Fantasia). Even Kelly Clarkston has fallen off the map.

  3. I agree with ^^^, and I also believe that they are forced to sign contracts that prevent them from speaking out about any of it. After that one year is up, they are essentially independent artists with regards to promotion, but prob have to pay royalties out of the azz to the Idol people.