Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rapper T.I.

The Rapper T.I. has revealed that he would rather be an Actor than a Rapper.

The Los Angeles Times has quoted the rapper as saying;

"I ain't made no money in movies yet, because of the fact that a movie usually takes about three or four months to film. At the time of American Gangster, I was getting $100,000 (£64,459) a show and doing four to five shows a week. And I only probably got $100,000 for American Gangster, something like that. But I didn't mind. I wanted to do it....I'd rather be acting full-time at 40 than rapping full-time at 40. I just think... it's more suited for a teenager than a 40-year-old. My values, principals, beliefs and things I consider important are worlds away from where they was (sic) when I just came in the game...Some people see me as a distinguished young gentleman entering into the next phase of manhood, and some people see me as a young drug dealer-slash-thug who has managed to make his way into the entertainment industry. It just depends on who you ask...."

It is also important to note that his recent film has top the box office, beating "The Last Exorcism" by just $150,000. As a result, TI was quoted as saying that there's a prequel in the works.

The rapper revealed the following to BET: "I just got off the phone with the director, writer, the head of Screen Gems and the label heads over at Sony...We are working not a sequel, but a prequel to tell the back story of the characters."


  1. Yea this negro has been bought and sold. I find it funny that after having a previous record it was so easy for him to get out of jail for buying guns. SMDH.

  2. ..and guess what? He produced this film? Was it based on a true story?

  3. T.I. produced this film!

  4. Tell this FBI agent to stop pretending!

  5. Dumb fuck was arrested along with his pig. Guess he won't be making the prequel after all.

  6. These two are SUCH a HAM. It is sad to watch. I was really rooting for them with the recent nuptials and his prison release. I'm starting to wonder if Tiny is the one negatively influencing him....SMH.

  7. This marriage might be over. Who will take the rap to prevent T.I. from going to jail.

    If you push aside the "fancy" things that these two showcase on a daily basis, you will see nothing but two ghetto chickenheads trying to "act" like they are all grown up.

    These two are far from adults. Children can't raise children and try to raise themselves at the same time (especially when these children are rich...). They are stuck on a development stage that went missing...

  8. ^smh

    He's on probation! He has what most people want. His enemies enjoyed his time spent in prison. Now that he's home, they want to send him back to prison. So, the quickest way to do so, is to allow him to violate his probation.

    T.I. why are you riding dirty? You are on probation? You are a target!

    Jay-Z pays people to serve jail time for him. He rides dirty, but if he gets pulled over, his men already know what the deal is and he takes care of them in jail.

    The hottest ticket in Hollywood is A RAPPER BEING SENT TO JAIL.

    Next up 50 cent...

  9. As the game have it, the wife can't testify against her husband. 50 cent suggested that Tiny takes the beef because this will be her first time offense. She will get off easy. It was only a half a pill.

    Anyone could've thrown it in the maybach. T.I. and Tiny should stop being "Fancy" and "Dandy" and clean out their own vehicles.

    You can't pay people to do everything for you.

  10. "The hottest ticket in Hollywood is A RAPPER BEING SENT TO JAIL"

    yes, everyone benefits from the rappers cash flow, the bondmen, the lawyers, the city...the families who have to watch the rappers property, bank accounts and drive their cars while they are in jail.

  11. @10:26 This is not Tiny's first offence. She was caught with drugs during the gun bust. No matter what he is not allowed around anything illegal during his probation.

  12. dumb and dumber and smh with this mess.

  13. @ 12:56 PM

    In other words, Tiny and T.I. were married so they wouldn't testify against each other? An arrangement?

    It also explains the amount of strippers that appeared at their wedding "after party". Who has a stripper filled after party, soon after a wedding?

    No quite time alone with your husband? This arrangement appears to be rather odd.

  14. The mug shot was a totally mess.

    Tiny's eyeballs look like she was on "E". She look high.

    T.I. eyeballs appeared to be more focused and clear. Did anyone else notice this?

  15. They might pull the mug shot from off the internet. The mug shot alone exposes the obvious.

  16. Anon 7:56

    I'm not sure what you are saying.

    anon 12:56 asking.

  17. @ 12:49

    Tiny and T.I. share the same legal problems. Tiny has sold guns on the streets for many years. She reps her hood and she has dudes to carry weight for her. T.I. took that beef for Tiny----the guns and Tiny picked up the drug charge. To be honest with you, both of these fools are on probation. Tiny is hooked on E pills and everyone knows this.

  18. Thanks 5:04 for clearing that up. 12:49.