Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tiffany Monique

..has finally branched out on her own.

According to Reports:

As a member of Beyonce's background vocalist trio "The Mamas," performing in front of a large audience is nothing new. But one of its members, independent recording artist / songwriter Tiffany Monique, is quickly amassing a large following of her own.

Tiffany Monique's debut EP, Nemesis, was released worldwide on June 15, 2010. This powerful debut is a five-track gem that highlights Tiffany's stylistic diversity and takes chances while still managing to embrace the power of traditional soul.

Story Continues...

Wait - did you read the article? Beyonce didn't throw her under the bus...she's actually promoting her talents - are you wondering why?


  1. There's too much real talent standing behind Beyonce.

    They are allowing this person to step out on her own because she looks nothing like Beyonce and she sounds better than Beyonce.

    Beyonce refuse to say something nice about the talents of other members who were apart of the Destiny's Child group.

    Kelly Rowland is the only one that's doing well for herself and that's because she's Mathew's biological daughter and Beyonce owes her!

  2. Don't mess with her...she's a Nemesis! If you don't know what Nemesis means, here is the definition:

    Main Entry: nem·e·sis
    Pronunciation: \ˈne-mə-səs\
    Function: noun
    Etymology: Latin, from Greek
    Date: 1561
    1 capitalized : the Greek goddess of retributive justice
    2 plural nem·e·ses \-ˌsēz\ a : one that inflicts retribution or vengeance b : a formidable and usually victorious rival or opponent
    3 plural nem·eses a : an act or effect of retribution b : bane 2

  3. Ha! Styles stolen from Jill Scott, Jennifer Hudson and Jordan Sparks.

    AND she's from Brooklyn? Beyonce only works with her family members. Now that she's married to Jay-Z, she's employing his family members as well.

    They like to keep it in the family.

  4. JJJ - and the little girl with the sassy attitude was inspired by "DEE" from the soul classic TV series "What's Happening" - you know Roger sister Dee.

  5. Beyonce didn't warm up to Jill Scott, Jennifer Hudson or Jordan Sparks!

    Ya'll know Beyonce like to steal, now her backup singer is stealing.

  6. The intro sound like another "uh oh uh oh" beyonce remix.

  7. Dinner table? The Klumps?

  8. The girl in the picture that's sitting above Tiffany Monique look like she's related to Beyonce. She look just like Tina Knowles *smh*. This girl won't go too far because she's still surrounded by Beyonce's family. If she start to leave secrets about Beyonce they will off her head!

  9. who is this fat greasy bytch, lmao..ok im just hating I wish her success and she need to stop tripping on trying to get famous on vocals and gone' head and DROP THAT TELL ALL BOOK!!!

  10. Matthew probably has more dirt on her (Monique) to dish. They only release the ones who put in the most "work".

    You didn't know??? Beyonce's background singers are bodyguards!

  11. She was Beyonce's "nemesis"! LOL

  12. @ Truthfully Speaking, Bodyguards? What type of secrets would Ratty have on Tiff? Do tell!

  13. P.S. I agree that she only compliments artists who are lacking a certain aesthetic that it takes to steal attention away from her. If Tiffany were thinner, and perhaps more universally appealing, I wonder would she be getting the same props from Ms. Yodel...

  14. Hey ya'll Missy did it while she was a thick girl. She use to talk about not losing weight to appeal to Hollywood. Not even 10 years later, she lost a lot of weight. Kelly Price was the same way.

    Beyonce's team is searching for Bodyguards who can sing?

  15. Thanks for the insight @ 5:52.

  16. Y'all are hilarious! The truth about celebrities? Please...

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