Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jennifer Lopez:

...Mrs. Lopez is thrilled that she has someone that she can finally call her own - despite taking him away from an already "married-in" situation.

According to Reports:

After two divorces and several unsuccessful high-profile relationships with stars including P. Diddy and Ben Affleck, Jennifer is now happily married to singer Marc Anthony. The beauty admits she has been heartbroken many times, but couldn’t stop herself falling for men she knew were wrong for her.

She struggled to cope when relationships ended and often vowed never to date again.

I always made the same mistake: I threw myself passionately into a new relationship because I believed in love, as I still do, despite all the disappointments, pain and depression,” Jennifer told the German edition of OK! magazine.

“There were moments I wished I didn’t have a heart, because it hurt so much. When a love ended, a love I had believed in so hard, I wished I could crawl away like a dying animal.”

Jennifer has now settled down with Marc and the couple have two-year-old twins Max and Emme together. The 41-year-old star says she has learnt a great deal from her tumultuous love life and this has helped her relationship with Marc.

Her previous heartache has made her more realistic about love and shown her you have to work hard to be happy with someone.

“I have learnt not to give up,” she explained. “Not to run away being resigned after every contention. In my opinion there is no couple made for each other, two people are just too different.

To love means to adjust and to accept that my partner is not the ideal man because he doesn't exist just as his ideal woman doesn’t.

Wow - it seems as if Mrs. Lopez has "adjusted" to her current situation very well.

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