Monday, March 8, 2010


Despite rumors circulating around the internet that Mo'nique blew her chances of winning an Oscar, the comedian became the fifth black (African American) woman to win an Oscar. As she held back tears to accept the award, she thanked the academy, “for showing that it can be about the performance and not the politics".

Immediately following her acceptance speech, the camera caught a glimpse of Samuel L. Jackson's reaction:


  1. It looks like Monique got a nose job. She has officially sold the fuck out. I don't understand why Nubian celebrities feel that they need the White Jewish Homosexuals stamp of approval to validate their artistry.

    Fuck the oscars. They're always giving Black people oscars for negative azz roles. Another form of brainwashing niggas.

  2. Her nose looks big and wide to me. Samuel L's face is priceless! Personally, I'm glad she won, so she can sit the hell down for a while and lose some more weight and work on her open marriage.

    She also needs to quit pretending her hubby isn't chasing after SKINNY BICHES! lol. But for real, I am glad she won, she played the hell out of that part, I hated her in that movie. I just wish Gabby S. had won, she was adorable. :-)

  3. Samuel was holding back tears. He look like he was about to cry. As soon as monique said some thing about doing what is right versus what is popular, the camera zoomed in on samuel l jackson. I was wonderginf if he turned down this role for one that was popular?

    Oprah said that this was a modern day color purple related film. She gave monqiue trouble for not promoting this film. Monique did it her way and thanked tyle and oprah for 'touching this'. That's was it. She knew how to handle Oprah and Tyler's BS and now sheis a Oscar winner!

  4. who did she sacrifice?

  5. Yeah you know she sacrificed someone. That business is very sinister.