Saturday, January 23, 2010


...and Stephen Baldwin were evicted from the UK hit series Celebrity Big Brother.

The Associated Press Reports:

Big Brother favourite Vinnie Jones is celebrating after two of his rivals were booted out of the celebrity house.

Americans Stephen Baldwin and Sisqo left in a double eviction on Friday night, leading Jones to declare that the two who went against his leadership had "both bitten the dust".

The 45-year-old actor and former footballer added his time in the house was the "longest I've gone without spending any money" and, when asked if his wife would be in Harrods every day making up for it, said simply: "It's not her in a million years."

His comments came after celebrity evictee Sisqo accused Jones of having his favourites in the house and described him as "bossy".

The 31-year-old US rapper, who became famous with the Thong Song, said: "It seemed like Vinnie was the ... unofficial leader of the house and it kind of seemed like double standards when it came to rules. He had his own set of rules for whoever his favourite was."

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