Monday, January 11, 2010

Monica "Danger" Leon: reporting that Ray-J is gay.

According to her recent rant:

"Ray J’s gay, I’ll tell you why on this show...Ray I love you, I respect you but after the two years of Danger ’smashed the homie’ t-shirts — what I had to go through first season, me being pregnant by Gabriel [Cannon], you claiming it was you everywhere on earth… you are selling me everywhere, listen n*gga I’m not a pimp hoe, you’re not going to pimp me, I’m not Kim Kardashian...Ray J’s lover of years is Young Buck....I’m really mad too.. Young Buck and Ray J.. going strong f*cking with each other for years, and Young Buck does not have 1 percent of what Ray J has and it’s like Ray J, you’re not looking out for your boy?...he likes d*ck too...he likes the boys in the baaand, he says that Young Buck’s his all time favoriteeee!"


  1. Weird - Ray-J running around town with the crackhead Whitney Houston.

    Weird- Ray-J running around town with the slut Lil Kim - everybody's brooklyn booty pop-er.

    Weird - Ray-J creating a sex-tape with Kim Kardashian when her ass was flat.

    That tape was just a tape. Ray-J is wild. He likes threesomes. That's how he ended up running through his male friend. Too much liquor not enough pussy.

  2. The rapper said DANGER had the wrong dude.

    That just confirms that they rapper knows what he is talking about.

  3. Ray-J is know for hanging out in the gay clubs in DC and NYC. He was going to promote his last album in a gay male club in DC. Some ppl are saying its actual footage of him in the studio wreslting on the ground in sexual motions with guys when he gets high.