Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Dominican Republic

Are you reading the February 2010 issue of Essence Magazine?

Inside this issue, there's a article written on the hidden secrets of the Caribbean sex tourism industry. Many men (and women) are flocking to Pattaya, Brasil, New Zealand and the Dominican Republic for "cheap" sex.

Here's the jist of the article:

In Santo Domingo, the capital city of the Dominican Republic, and the infamous seafront strip known as the Malecon is alive. Five noticeably young looking girls sit patiently on a barely lit curb as a steady stream of cars race by, salsa and meringue blasting from their speakers. A black Ford pickup truck screeches to a stop, and after some haggling the driver opens his door and drives off with two of the young women. Minutes later I’m propositioned by a woman blessed with an Olympic gold medalist track star’s build, wearing painted-on black designer jeans, a red top and midnight-black pumps. With my Yankee fashion sense-Polo shirt, khaki shorts and K-Swiss sneakers-I might as well be draped in the American flag; to these women, a man with U.S. currency is choice game. The woman moves in for the kill. “Americano”, she coos. “Good Time”?

For the 3.4 Million international tourists who flocked to the Dominican Republic in 2008-figures released by the Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism-the country’s allure is obvious: miles of sun-soaked beaches, numerous five-star resorts and expansive golf courses. But for many of the African-American men who travel to the D.R. each year, another attraction is on the itinerary-beautiful Dominican women who make up the thriving sex tourism industry.

“The number of our African-American clients has been growing every year,” says Mark, a VIP host as DR Nights, one of many online companies that offer adult vacation packages to the country, complete with female “companions”. Citing his company’s privacy policy, Mark won’t reveal his last name and refuses to give specific information about the number of Black men his company serves. But he chalks up the country’s popularity to the allure of the “beautiful women and their voluptuous bodies,” Says the host, “They definitely appeal to African-American man”.

There’s no shortage of Black men who’ll agree. “The girls have great bodies, beautiful faces, nice hair and good attitudes,” says Eric, a handsome 28-year old who works in sales in Los Angeles and has a long-term girlfriend back home. “The way the women treat you here, it’s like a fantasy coming true.”

Written by: Keith Murphy
Senior editor at Vibe magazine
Essence: February 2010
Page 130


  1. Many Italian men and women, single or recently divorced are lately looking for more than just a trip in the summer, and some turn to Eastern Europe, Italian newspaper L'Unita, writes.

    In a report on the sex tourism trend among Italians, the paper states that Eastern Europe, or "the land of easy conquests" is a preferred destination for those who don't want to fly overseas to Kenya, Gambia, Senegal or Morocco.

    Bulgaria's southern city of Sandanski is given as an example, and the article claims that out of 30,000 citizens, 2,000 are prostitutes.

    Now that low-cost airlines allow tourists to travel anywhere at an affordable fare, getting to all the exotic places where sex is a commodity is easier than ever, the paper suggests. This is why Italians, bored of an unhappy marriage, or still looking for the one true love, decide to combine sightseeing with more sensual experiences.

  2. KIEV, Ukraine — In the early summer evenings you see them individually and in groups: foreign men, of all ages and nationalities — ex-Soviet, European, North American, Middle Eastern and African. They sit in the outdoor cafes that adorn Kiev’s winding central streets, or patrol about the main Independence Square like guerrilla squads. At night they pack the discos and restaurants and bars.

    Some of them study and work here. Others have come to take in the architecture, history and museums of this breathtaking Eastern European capital, or are on their way to a vacation in one of the picturesque outlying towns.

    Many, however, have a less exalted purpose in mind: to meet women. And the more the better.

    It’s called sex tourism, and the practitioners “sex pats” — a play on the word expat or expatriate. The phenomenon is all-too-common throughout the world, including in South America, Asia and Africa.

    Now it seems that it has arrived in the former Eastern Bloc with a vengeance.

  3. Look at all those football and basketball players who married a dominican woman.

    One died last year Shawn Taylor. His Dominican woman was about his dollars.

    His family is still trying to make ends meet.

    Wonder if these basketball players and football players are really meeting these women at the for sex vacation spots.

    Tiger Woods! This could explain the reason why he is addicted to sex.

  4. Anonymous you're a phuckin idiot..Sean Taylor's wife works for herself and is finishing a degree. She was not all about the $$. Get out of your grandmother's basement and get a life.

  5. Sean Taylor's wife is a idiot.

    We all know that her uncle is a famous actor and her entire family are wealthy.

    So reveal the reason why Sean Taylor's family is suffering?

    His family members are suffering financially. His mother can't hold down payments on a house that Sean Purchased for her.

    Sean Taylor's fiance (he didn't marry her) has rights to his bank accout.

    Why is this so?

  6. His immediate family members were left with nothing and he was a millionaire.

    This doesn't make sense at all.

  7. Keith Murphy- the sex trade has been around for many years and not just in the DR. This situation you write about is in almost every country. The African American has recently discovered the DR., but if you are well travelled you would know that you can find sex,drugs, anything you want in almost any island, country, if that's what you are looking for. As a Dominican woman, I am offended by your article, the Dominican Republic has a lot to offer but it seems that people will always focus on the negative. Your article is not original, it could be about any counttry.

  8. As a Dominicam woman, you shouldn't find offense to this article because you state that the sex trade exist in every part of the world.

    Why are you offended because some women in the dominican republic like to sell their body?

    That's like saying that i am offended because there are women standing outside of a hotel on the maimi strip selling their body to the highest bidder and yes i was born and raised in Maimi and the sex trade is real here.

  9. Be happy that you wasn't discussed throughout this article.

    Be happy that you weren't raised to sell your body.

    To bad that these women got caught up in the sex trade. There are article about other countries and their sex trade on the internet.

    New Zealand is what's popping right now.

  10. I think that this "sex trade industry" speaks to a sad commentary in these countries not providing other viable means for the women to thrive...some have children and families that rely on their profits...I think that many have dreams but the male oriented culture serves that they do what they do...we base their culture on our culture and that may be wrong we ain't exactly perfect either!..the well-to-do always needs the impoverished to exploit for its own selfish purpose....

  11. The author of this article meant to expose something scandalous but what it really exposes is the prudish and hypocritical nature of Americans. A high number of American marriages and relationships end because one member is sexually starved and/or unhappy and goes outside of the relationship to find sexual pleasure (as we've seen on the news). Secondly, we have laws to prohibit prostitution but it happens all over the U.S. (i.e. escort services, strip clubs, massage parlors, street corners, etc.). Because it's illegal we pretend it doesn't happen. The government should just legalize it and collect the taxes.

    The problem in America is that we confuse sex with love. Do you have to be in love in order to have sex? No. So sex between two consenting adults that aren't in a relationship shouldn't be taboo. People are getting into relationships just to have sex and damaging those who are actually looking for love. It's no wonder we have shows like Maury and Springer.

    When it comes to the oldest profession in the world, it will be with us as long as there are humans on the planet. Sex is a natural part of life--people have sex drives, they get horny, and they will fulfill their desires one way . . . or another.

    1. I don't see how this article makes the US looki hypocritical. Prostitution is illegal (as it should be). The US has over 300 million citizens and it cannot ensure that all of them will obey the law. That's why the country has law enforcement and a judicial system which enforces the law. Individuals engaging in illegal and immoral activity does not automatically make the the country a hypocrite. The US has and will prosecute those who it finds engaging in these activities showing that it stands by its laws of no prostitution. Prostitution is not just consensual sex two individuals (which is legal so I don't know what you're talking about when you say the US is trying to be prudish) its a transaction where one engages in sexual activity under economic pressure or with the purposeful and agreed upon attempt to use their body as currency. A country has to draw the line somewhere, especially since most people who participate in prostitution on either very young (or underaged), easily manipulated, economically desperate, and socially powerless. Without these laws in place, the underground sex trafficking that does go on (which is still considerably small compared to other nations) will go completely unregulated, grow, and cause a threat and danger to women (and underrage girls) everywhere leaving women and children EXTREMELY suceptible to kidnap and rape just like they are in countries like the DR.

  12. This article just goes to show that women all over the world love a man w/ money (including African-American women). The only difference is that it's legal in the D.R. to buy exactly what you want--in the U.S. you may spend all of your money on dates and gifts and may never get what you want. It shouldn't be that deep--sometimes a person just wants sex and to be catered to. What do we do then? Fake a relationship just to get a person into bed? (The good ol' American way)
    Let's be honest, sex makes the world go round. Other than for food and shelter, there isn't a greater desire that mankind has.

    In reality the men aren't taking advantage of these women but supporting them. The D.R. would be in an even worse economic position if it weren't for tourism--people working in the hospitality industry (hotels, taxis, restaurants, stores, etc.) would starve.

    1. Its not that simple. With prostitution also comes a MUCH greater liklihood of physical abuse, rape, and sex trafficking for children and women being kidnapped to be sold for sex. The prostitution industry is a very dangerous and greedy one. You make it legal and stop regulating and it can quickly get out of control like it does in struggling nations like the DR. These men 'take care' of these women giving them a couple dollars of sex at what cost to the women (and children)? The potential to raped or beaten if they refuse sex and have little recourse b/c afterall their just prostitutes in society's eyes . It happens more often than you think.

  13. african american? correction Italian and european your putting a racist slant to something started recently and dominated by europeans ... showing an alternative agenda... but whatever makes you feel closer to being white

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  15. Beaware, Gay black and downlow men also go to the Dominican Republic to have sex with the local men. It is well documented that it has one of the highest infection rates of AIDS and HIV in the world.

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