Wednesday, November 11, 2009


..has signed the UK based duo The Ting Tings to his record label "Roc Nation". The duo will become label mates with J.Cole, Sugababes and Wale.


  1. Quiet as kept, Jay-Z is working on signing the rapper Shyne to his UK based record label "Roc Nation".

    He always said that it's all about the Euro! When Shyne gave a speech recently he mentioned currency. He has been in direct contact with Jay-Z and Jay-Z is preparing to sign him to the Roc Nation label.

    He's also working to present shyne with creating a belize based record under Roc Nation.

    Roc Nation / Belize Records /

    Get it?

    Wale is NOT African American and his family wasn't born in the states. Most have green cards.

  2. Questions to those in the know. Is Jay-Z the reason Wale & Solo got together?

  3. Shyne is Latino. i gueSs its a smart move to grow the compANY GAY-z IS GOING TO NEED IT BECAUSE THAT DUMB ASS WIFY MAKE HIM LOOK BAD. WHAT A RARE FIND IS A CABLE WIFE!!!