Thursday, November 5, 2009

Foxxy Brown:

Is Foxxy Brown still relevant?

I hear that she recently dissed Lil Kim through a new track.

According to Boombox:

Rapper Foxy Brown took a shot at Lil' Kim and her recent stint on the ABC network's 'Dancing With the Stars' in a new track that appeared online Tuesday. Although she doesn't mention Kim by name, last we checked there was only one female rapper who appeared on the dance show.

"I flows like Big/The way I like 2 Pac/Ain't dropped in nine years/And still got the top spot," Foxy raps with her trademark over-confident proclamations. "Catch me at Marcy at the mall, but mother------s will never see me 'Dancin' With the Stars'/Never, will I embarrass my borough, I'm too thorough," she continues.


  1. OK FOXY. punch that bitch kim. Foxy can NOT see kim lyrically, fuck outta here foxy will kill herr !!

  2. Foxxy sit down and close your legs.

  3. Foxy still talkin sh*t? Kim doesn't have a sex tape that we know of, do you Foxy? And by the way, you've embarassed BK PLENTY! Running across the U.S getting ur ass kicked and starting beef with random chicken heads in order to prove yourself. You are a major EMBARASSMENT. And because you still go to Marcy project mall, should we feel proud? No wonder your career is in the toilet.

  4. Foxy even stooped low enough to bite Kim's style and flow. Not stanning or anything---I just call a spade a spade.
    These so-called celebs are MAJOR SCUM....