Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fergie Speaks: crediting Kayne West for making Hip-Hop music "Gay Friendly".

Recently interviewed by "The Advocate", Fergie gave honest feedback to the following questions:

Who’s the most important gay person in your life?

My gay BFF is Sean Patterson, president of Wilhelmina Models, and we always have a blast. It’s a rule that you have to pick one gay BFF, so he’s mine. But I’ve had gay friends forever, and they’ve always been a part of my team and a part of making me successful.

When did you first feel love from the gay audience?

Well, come on, I toured with Cher and Cyndi Lauper in 1999 when I was in Wild Orchid. I love my gays so much, but I don’t think a lot of people know that, which bothers me sometimes. People don’t associate the Black Eyed Peas with the gay market, but our new record is a huge dance record, so people are starting to catch on. I want more gay love!

Gays don’t always know where they stand with straight guys in hip-hop. Do the other three Peas appreciate their gay fans?

They’re completely gay-friendly. Are you kidding me? Look at how they dress! [Laughs] Kanye West really did a great thing for hip-hop and made it very mixed and open.

Funny, did she push Kayne West out of the closet? If it's a rule for a entertainer to pick at least one Gay BFF, it is safe to say that Amber Rose is really Kayne's gay BFF?


  1. Fergie is into women. Her husbans is into men. They married to keep their sex life private. She agreed to marrry this gay man so that both of their career can continue to grow.

    I knew Kayne West was gay.

  2. I heard Fergie had her dick removed recently. Its on the internet that she's really a man. but no surprise Kayne Way Gay is homo.

  3. All of the hissy fits.
    All of the tight fitting clothes and men purses.
    He shows up on the arms of a well known stripper turned lesbian.
    Fergie has admitted that she's bisexual and that her husband welcomes the admiration of a gay man (gay men). She pretty much admits that she's into women and he husband is into men. So they decided to marry to keep their career alive.

  4. Kayne West made hip hop gay friendly?