Friday, November 27, 2009


Did you watch the Beyonce special on ABC last night? If not, worldstarhiphop has the entire show (minus the commericals) posted on their website for your review:

It's the same ole shit...different toilet.

They even showed a clip of Beyonce at age five (some say age 9) shaking her ass. They were smart to refrain from airing the entire footage of the singer pulling out her grownup moves at such a tender age!


  1. Awful show. These were clips from his show back in june or was it in July? Previously footage of the two (her husband) appearing to be happy for the camera.

    Beyonce always takes the credit away from her crew and song writers by placing it on herself. She has to appear in court on December 5th right for infringing on someone else song writing abilities.

    Her voice annoys me. It sound like she was reading from a stack cue cards.

    She can't give great interviews to save her life.

    Too much makeup. Tired of the wigs blowing with the help of fans.

    The costumes are so cirque de soleil.

    So tired of the coochie popping and hip grinding.

    If you want her to stop talking give her a mic.

    Can someone please sit her IJUSTWANNASING ass down!


  2. She can't given present a decent prayer to the LORD.

    Thankyou thank you thank you? That's it?



  5. Some random media reporter called beyonce the most talented artist on the planet.

    How about she has copied the most talented artist throughout the planet and decided to market their work as her own.

    She redefined their moves by giving it sexualized character.

    Most of you were unable to tell that the moves were stolen because beyonce kept your eyes glued on her behind shaking and leg wide open spreads. It doesn't help that she appears in leotards and high heels.

    I am tired of the weave blowing in the fans.
    I am tired of the leotards and high heels.
    I am tired of the butt shaking and legs spread wide open.

    It's rather boring. Nothing new. I saw better dance moves when the singer Mya performed on Dancing with the Stars.

  6. The show was terrible and at times I woulld just laugh out loud at how bad it was..for starter she took to the stage in a freaking lampshade!!!!! She is not talented I could sing like that any day and this bitch is making 89 mil a year, why?? A girl like her should be in a BUrger King drive through and not on stage popping her coochie open!!! The most talented on the planet??? was this poll conducted using only retards and small children! She is truly nothing special and needs to start getting used to being a has been!!! She is only watchable when wearing something skimpy and solely based on the sock factor..Britney got this formula down packed long ago..B took a while to realize shes no good and get on the same train...
    BTW her makeup job was awfull too? Can she not understand between good and bad??? shes oblivious and retarded!

  7. The commentator said "the dance that could only be beyonce" and wny dancer would be greately insulted if this woman is reffered by that name!! she is no dancer!!! Spreading your legs and jirating your hips is NOT dancing!!!!

  8. was this a stand in or Beyonce? she looked like a drag queen. She should do a permenant show in Vegas like all the other washed up pop stars. She's not selling records, can't bring in an audence to she her movies, her cloths are overpriced counterfits and she's sued every 6 months. Vegas is a good stable gig,if i was her i would jump on the opportunity.

  9. @ 8:02 PM

    If you want to understand why Jay-Z oops i mean Gay-Z and Beyonce are getting PAID. It's because they have agreed to the teaching of Aleister Crowley.

    Beyonce and Jay-Z both stated that their favorite number is 4.

    Well, here's the reason why:

    Book 4 By Aleister Crowley