Friday, November 13, 2009

Beyonce Knowles:

Despite being label as one of the top concerts around the world, it's being reported that, all tickets for Beyonce's gig at the O2 in Europe were given away.

According to BBC News:

Selected London buskers are giving away more than 800 tickets to singer Beyonce's forthcoming concert at the O2 Arena this weekend.

Fans must ask the street musicians, who will be performing Beyonce tracks, whether they have any tickets and make a donation for their performance.

The "Beyonce Buskers" can be found across the city throughout Friday.

A spokeswoman said: "Some people have donated as little as 10p, but others have given up to £10."

Anyone who makes a donation is given three tickets to the concert on Sunday.

"We've been very generous," Beyonce's spokeswoman said.

"We held these tickets back from the concert. The other 13,000 tickets were won by competition winners.

"It's the first time tickets for a gig at the O2 have completely been given away."


  1. What the hell is this? The white -mulata imulator can't sell tickets in Europe?

  2. She's working overtime to prove that she's better than Kelly Rowland in the UK.

    So, she decided to perform a few tracks with the hermaphrodite lady gaga because beyonce is a hermaphrodite and she always hires hermaphrodites to appear as wo-man on stage and within her music videos.

  3. Did Kelly Rowland win any awards at the MTV EMA's?

    She's popular in Europe right?

  4. She look like a troll.

  5. ^lol I think this is a pic of her *before* the editing/photoshop