Thursday, October 1, 2009

Update: Solange Knowles

During Solange's appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show, she revealed that she threw away money on the purchase on "Fake Hair". The purchase of this "Fake Hair" cost her up at $50,000 a year.

According to Solange Knowles:

"Realistically I was spending about $40,000-$50,000 a year and probably half of my life, I grew up in a hair salon, my mum owned a hair salon...There was always this feeling of always wanting to be in the salon once or twice a week and I got a perm pretty early - I was four."

When Solange stop wearing her wigs this year, she responded to the media's lash out by stating, "I just wanted to be free of the bondage that black women sometimes put themselves in with their hair...This phase in my life I want to spend the time the energy and the money on something else and not in the hair salon."

Wait - Solange!

You grew up in your mother's hair salon.

You and your sister were used as guinea pigs, as your mother sort her signature hair a so called "stylist".

At the age of four, your "hair" wasn't ready for a perm. This is the reason why your hair has never grown pass the length of a boy cut and you will continue to sport a low hair cut.


  1. Your absolutly right. She claim her mother never talked about "bad hair" yet she gets a perm at 4. Beyonce lies and claims she has natuarlly blond hair to impress her white fans! The knowles are "Slaves" (with a capitol "S"), uneducated black people and its an embrassment! I bet Beyonce can't read her own name!! And Solange is Beyonce's child! She gave birth to Solange when she was 15. Thats why she don't look exactly like a child Mat and Tina would've.

  2. @3:53 PM

    I am a little stunned that a parent would actually perm a child's hair at age four.

    Clearly her hair wasn't ready. They are so full of lies. Nivea is directly related to Beyonce.

    La La is also directly related to Beyonce.

    Mathew Knowles is NOT solange and beyonce's father. They get artifically inseminated and agree to having each other children.

    Do Solange son look anything like his so-called father?

    Do Beyonce and Solange look anything like their so-called father?

    Matthew is about to have another child and the baby mother look like she's directly related to Matthew Knowles.

    That's why the bitch pulled a disappearing act. She will find a way to hide this baby within the hills of Hollywood.

  3. Okay I can believe that Beyonce and Solange are not Matty's but how do you know that they get artificially inseminated? LaLa is suppose to be Dominican. Is Nivea suppose to be Beyonce's daughter?

  4. Solange is Beyonce's child she gave birth when she was 15yrs old. Beyonce lies about her age she is 37 yrs. Solange is a product of Beyonce having a baby but a Black American man thats why she don't look so exoctic like her mother.Solange features look negroid.

  5. i don't unerstand oprah and other wealthy black american celebrities. why do they accumulate some much wealth and donate it all to africa when their are plenty of people of afro decent within the entire westrern hemisphere north america, carribean, central america and south america who are improvished just as much as people living within the continent of africa. oprah claims to be a descendent of the atlantic slave as does many other black entainers many of them claim to have native american ancestry yet i don't see any of them giving to native american foundations or helping reservations! black american have more in common with west indians and afro lations because we where all sold by african to europeans. also, we have more in common with native americans because we were all oppressed. so why do these black celebrities give to them same people who ancestrys sold them?

  6. Beyonce was on MTV and said she had a daughter, but started acting crazy after she admitted having a child?

  7. Beyonce and Jay-Z had a child together. He admits this also in a verse on Usher's song called "Hot Toddy":

    I was born a God
    I made myself a king
    which means I down graded to a human being
    you was born a Goddess I made you my queen
    which mean we upgraded to Louis the thirteen
    Hot toddy her papi like cognac
    her momma like (?)
    we birthed a couple of sacks

  8. She named their daughter "Louis".

    "we birthed a couple of sacks"

  9. All you people are the stupidest,most uneducated,illitrate people I have ever had the displeasure of hearing about. Jut because you are unsuccessful never do-wells doesnt mean you should curse people who actually have lives and are thriving. You silly haters. You are the kind of people who are still gonna be working at some fastfood restaurant at the age of 95. Please die so the world can be at peace and so it will be a nicer place without people like YOU!!!!!!!

  10. The person above is right. Beyonce is a lovely person and just because all you people are hopeless with no future and obviously computer geeks who depend on the internet to seem cool yet are really saddos in real life. Do the world a favour and disappear.


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  12. WOW! Raise your hand if you know the Knowls family personally... I rest my case. Get a life people.

  13. ^^ shut up amd stop worrying about what other people know on this blog.

  14. Here is the real truth.....God know all and see all....if your not down with him before you die or when he returns....your life will be in great danger...hollywood is satans playground...if you sell your soul to the devil....u just signed your soul to hell for eternity...Pray for Beyonce...Pray for Beyonce...She needs prayer...Her life is in great danger.

  15. beyonce * dont worry about people

  16. why you bitch worry about beyonce *get a life