Monday, October 26, 2009

Tavis Smiley:

Funny - As soon as Matthew Knowles began teaching a course within the School of Communication at Texas Southern University, the reputation of a another "well known" celebrity declines...

According to several websites, a disagreement between broadcaster Tavis Smiley and Texas Southern University ended, when the university's governing board agreed to strip Smiley's name from its communication school.

Reportedly, Tavis had promised to donate $1 million in 2004 and to raise another $1 million for the University. Following Tavis promise, the school created the Tavis Smiley School of Communication in his honor.

Unfortunately, Tavis didn't follow through with his promise and only donated 50,000 in mid-2005 and managed to raise $250,000 with the assistance of three corporate donors.

However, Tavis has stated that he intends to fulfil his personal pledge of $1 million dollars.

Funny - I wonder if Matthew Knowles will come out the pocket to ensure that the school of communication is named after Beyonce Knowles or rather himself...

I remember when Tavis was trying to determine who was the best singer of all genenerations; Aretha Franklin or Beyonce Knowles. Matthew Knowles wasn't thrilled about the he headed to Texas Southern Unversity to kick up some dirt and to leave his mark...



  1. Matthew Knowles did build a state of the art recording studio at Texas Southern University. Now he's teaching a course. He's working on building a good reputation, that ensures his name slot on the building.

    I mean how can a person carrying two BA degrees teach a college course?

    I am sure he used Beyonce's money to build this studio and he might use her money to donate funds to this school

  2. does he have a college degree? the knowles act like uneducated black folks. beyonce can barley make a sentence and she dropped out of 8th grade, her mother is just a hair stylist and she probably dropped out also. you know they say dropping out is usally a generational thing. mat just sold hospitol equipment. he paid his way just as beyonce pays for songs she steals and takes credit for after the fact.

  3. is tavis simly gay?