Sunday, October 18, 2009


...recently revealed that in 2006, she created a new identity and managed to "secretly" enroll in a History Course at the University of California.

According to Shakira:

"I needed a break from me. The universe is so broad, I cannot be at the centre of it. So I decided to go to the university and study history for a summer course, just to kind of switch gears, taste the student life...I used to wear a cap and a big backpack, I looked like a boy. I didn't get recognised. Some people looked at me very suspiciously, a few people asked me, but I told them my name was Isabelle. I would go to university over and over again if I could. I should care less. It has been 20 years, but I still care about my career. I care about the music. I'm not normal,".

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