Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rapper: Shyne

Despite being released from jail yesterday, Shyne faces deportation back to his country of birth.

Many media outlets are reporting that, "Shyne is being detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement at an unspecified facility in Western New York State".

Under U.S. immigration law, a non-citizen who committed a crime faces deportation back to their home land.

To date, Shyne is no longer referred to as "Jamal Barrows". In jail, he changed his name to "Moses Michael Leviy" and has converted to Judaism.


  1. Go home, Shyne!

    Re-group your thinking patterns.

    You can always come to the states to visit.

    A lot has changed and many have fallen due to Puffy's corrupt ways.

    Move away from the snakes before you become a bitten by a poisonous one.

  2. Where ever you go, you will always make music.


  3. Welcome to the free world Shyne!!

    I have read that Jay Z had visited Shyne in jail and was trying to get him to sign to his label, Roc Nation. I guess he didn't do it and I'm glad!

    and stay FAR AWAY from Bad Boy! They the ones that put you in the clink in the first place! Remember that he was incarcerated in 1999....ten years ago, yet SO MUCH has changed. The game ain't the same Shyne....just go back to South America (I think he's from Colombia?)

    take care and keep your head up! I don't think the music shit is even worth it at this point.

  4. @ 12:07 PM

    You're correct!

    Go home! Write a few books!

    Educate your people about the United States and the Music Industry.

    If you want, start a successful music company within your country.

    Elevate your people.

    Prove that they don't have to venture to America to find success.

    Build and create within your country. Give the people within the United States a reason to TRAVEL and RELOCATE to your country.

    Inspire US!