Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Khandi Burruss

Tameka 'TINY' Cottle has re-recorded a song titled, "Superwoman" for Khandi Burruss's upcoming album.

According to Khandi:

"I got Tiny (on the album)... We have this song called Superwoman that we wrote a while back. We just revamped it a little bit. It's talking about single mums that are doing their thing for their children."


  1. Excuse my ignorance but who is the heck is Kandi Buruss?? Did she use to sang with Excape when they first came out?

  2. @ 10:15 AM

    Yes. She use to sing with Xscape.

    Following the group's breakup, Khandi and Tiny became ghost writers.

    Now Khandi has returned to the scene with a solo album.

    Thus far, the words to these songs are on point...meaningful!

    Khandi please don't pull a beyonce and stay away from those darn leotards!

    Be Yourself.

  3. Khandi looks like a man to me. I remember when Tiny first came out they were saying back in the day that she was Tina Marie's daughter. Why would Ms Marie deny here. Was she the off spring of Tina marie and Rich Jame?