Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Frederick Richardson:

Frederick Richardson has been charged with voluntary manslaughter, following the death Ashely "A.J." Jewell. As reported, A.J. died after a fight with Frederick, in the parking lot of the "Body Tap" strip club.

According to Lt. Keith Meadows, head of Atlanta Police’s homicide:

“They had some words about a business decision...It seems like it was a struggle for power over the club.”

Richardson is being held at the Fulton County jail after being treated at Grady Memorial Hosptial for injuries he received during the fight with Jewell.


  1. Wow, this is so sad. Over something stupid. Ypu can always get a new club but not a new life.

  2. There are too many clips on youtube of people fighting.

    I am talking about "ghetto fights".

    I bet someone video taped this fight and it's on youtube.

    This is sad. He wasn't shot or stabbed.

    He lost his life during a fist fight!

  3. I read that they fought because AJ was having an affair with this dude's wife. What goes around comes around (if its true)...