Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Forrest Whittaker:

...has some explaining to do. They say that, Lawrence is raising "Forrest" daughter. Oh Wait, Lawrence wife has some explaining to do...

Lawrence and his wife looks nothing like their daughter.

Maybe it’s me or maybe it’s not me…


  1. the child is obviously not a common black american, she looks more like a black domincan, a zamba: half black and native american. maybe they adopted her from the domincan republic. lawerence's wife gina is a black hispanic and they are both older parents they probaly experienced problems with fertility.

  2. @ 6:35 PM

    I disagree. Look at their daughter eyes. She has the same eye condition as Forrest Whittaker. Her face is shaped just like he and she has Forrest lips and mouth.

    She looks nothing like Lawerence or Gina.

    If i was Forrest, i would request that the child is given a blood test to validate the identity of the father.

    1. Eight years later but I surfed the web and saw Lawrence and Gina had a daughter. I'm sorry but I search for more photos and did a side by side. She looks like Chris Rocks baby. Born during marriage my ass. I'd still get a DNA test. His other two kids are splitting images of him. This little girl, I had to squint . I believe all kids should have DNA test . I've first hand seen the ole switch and bait. Js.

  3. Gina is a black cuban.



  5. are you implying gina had an affair with forrest? look this woman is in her 50s, she's to old to get pregnant. this little girl is adopted. nothing more, nothing less, she's a zamba baby=half native american with some black blood but definalty more indian.

  6. Gina adopted Forrest Whittaker's CHILD!

    PLEASE @ "she's a zamba baby=half native american with some black blood but definalty more indian."

    He mother might be from India but she's not Native American nor indian!

    Someone gave birth to Forrest child and Gina adopted the child!

    Forrest daughter know THE TRUTH!

  7. The child's mother might be from India but she's not Native American nor indian!

    Gina ALWAYS wanted a child, so she agreed to raise Forrest daughter!

    Hollywood is so fucked up!

  8. either way she is adapoted. she is a black domincan mix african and taino ancestry(this is what i mean by indian). these mixtures are known as zambas. these are the oriinal inhabitants of the the d.r and haiti. they remseble this child as does some North. american indians who are of dark moca complextions with coal black wavy, staight, curly hair textures as this child is. foresst can not produce a child lke this neither can lawerence. unless they are mix average black americans don't and can't reproduce children like this little girl. sorry but look around you. how many straight up black people look like this child?

  9. Gina Torres raised Montana Fishbourne. Now look at Montana, She's a porn star and she's only 19 or is she 18???

  10. ^ the little girl look just like Forrest Whittaker!

  11. why does everybody gotta be mixed with something just bc they got 'good hair' or lite skin?? i have great hair and im black on both sides blacks come in all different tones, types and varities stop bein so close minded on what somebody gota be 2 make a baby that looks like that bc they are very common in my fam

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