Tuesday, October 20, 2009


....want you to know the truth about "Michael Jordan".

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  1. That just goes to show you that these celebs just want your money and don't give a damn about you. WHAT about all the little boys who bought Air Jordans (or their parents) and what about the ones who've been robbed or even KILLED because of Jordans?!! Meanwhile it is reported frquently in the 1990s and have Jordan commented on ANY of it? NO he just keep lining his pockets on the backs of NIGGAS as he say but wouldn't DARE take a pic with some NIGGAS?! Oh no!!

    I've only owned ONE pair of Jordans and that was in the seventh grade (1997). That's it. So I'm not putting money into these people's pockets. Would not waste one cent on trash like Jordan or his kind. I'm glad Chamillionaire said something (H TOWN!!!!!) but gotDAYUM if he don't sound like a 16 year old going through puberty, right? LOL