Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ashley "A.J." Jewell

...The ex-fiance of singer Khandi Burruss has died.

Many media outlets are reporting that A.J. got into a heated arugment with a employee at the "Body Tap" strip club in Atlanta, Georgia. The heated argument escalated and lead to a parking out brawl.

Police have arrested employee Fredrick Richardson, who fought Jewell and has him chared him with voluntary manslaughter.

The associated press has reported that Ashley "A.J" Jewell was the co-owner of the strip club, which opened in March of 2008.

It is also important to note that Fredrick Richardson was present at the hospital, but police didn't know his age or if he had an attorney.

Jewell died from severe head injuries suffered during the brawl and police found his body resting in the parking lot, at the Body Tap Club. He was pronounced dead at Piedmont Hospital.

Officials have not released the age of Jewell, who was the father of six children.


  1. Wow.

    Khandi's mother was right about him. She knew that he wasn't the right person for her daughter.

    Did he use drug money to purchase this strip club or khandi's money?

    Her mother was against this relationship and marriage.

    Moms knows best.

    He has six children and i hope their mother WILL NOT force Khandi to raise THEIR children.

    It's not right!

    Khandi is single and talented and she has daughter of her own to raise.

    Girl, listen to your mother.

    I watch Atlanta House Wives and i've enjoy watching a true bond shared between mother and daughter. You have that with your mother.

    Go to church and get baptized. Take your daughter with you and keep your spirits up at all cost.

    I am sorry to hear that this happened to someone you knew on a personal level.

    Make sure that GOD is set as a top priority within your life.

  2. He lost his life this is no time to judge... I will pray for the entire family includung Khandi... I mean I didn't care for A.J. either but I never expected this outcome, the man lost his life on a humble probably over something very stupid.